Countries continue to tackle the impacts of the novel coronavirus as governments on Sunday announced their daily tallies regarding the deadly pandemic.

Italy witnessed a record decrease in daily deaths (44) four weeks into the lifting of its lockdown as the total reached 34,345.

Authorities, however, listed 26,274 infections for the total to climb to 236,989 cases. Some 1,505 were cured as the recoveries in total reached 176,370.

The UK said deaths rose by 36 to 41,698 as cases rose 1,514 to 295,889.

In Spain, cases reached 291,008 after 323 were recorded as no new deaths were recorded, with this number remaining unchanged at 27,136.

The UK and Spain are the fifth and sixth most affected nations by the pandemic.

In Turkey, the total cases reached 178,239 after 1,526 people tested positive.

Some 15 people succumbed to the disease as the total deaths reached 4,807 with 1,330 people recovering for a total of 151,417.

Health authorities in Greece recorded nine more cases, raising the total to 3,121. Deaths remain unchanged at 183.

The Ministry of Health in Luxembourg in its latest update reported seven new cases raising the total to 4,070. No further deaths were reported as the toll remains at 110.

The United Arab Emirates said the total cases rose by 304 to 42,294 as recoveries rose by 701 to 27,462. One death was reported, raising the total to 289.

Morocco recorded 101 new cases for the total to reach 8,793. No new deaths were reported for this number to stand at 212.

According to health ministry figures, some 69 people were cured as recoveries reach 7,765. Algeria said seven people died from the virus and 109 people tested positive, raising the total to 767 and 10,919 respectively. Some 186 recoveries were recorded, lifting the total to 7,606.

Jordan said eight people tested positive as the total reached 961. Some 682 people recovered, raising the total to 682.

In Yemen, cases rose by 23 to 728 and deaths rose by four to 164. Meanwhile, 12 people recovered as the total reached 53.

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