The health centers in Kuwait continue to vaccinate thousands of people to protect them against Coronavirus. 17,000 citizens and residents during the past weeks have received the second dose in 37 days from April 19 to May 26, while more than 56 thousand received the third booster dose during the same period.

A local Arabic daily has noted that the stability of the general Coronavirus epidemiological conditions after the effects of doing away with restrictions alongside the resumption of commercial, social, cultural and other activities, had on the pandemic. The increase in health awareness and the national vaccination campaign, which was launched in late December 2020, played a major role in the decline of the Covid-19 cases locally before gradually returning life to normal.

The sources indicated that the percentage of those receiving the two doses out of the total population eligible for vaccination reached 84.3 percent. Adding that, today, (Sunday) those who wish to visit the Al-Ahmadi health areas, to receive Covid-19 vaccines, will be received at the Fintas Health Center instead of the health facilities, noting that this is due to the low rate and volume of turnout.

Kuwait recorded 53 infections on May 21, with one case in intensive care, and 4 in the wards designated for virus patients, as well as no deaths from coronavirus complications were recorded, and the daily infection rate for the number of swabs was 3 percent with a cure rate of 99.5%.

The Statistical Center of the Arab Gulf Cooperation Council announced, last Thursday, that the recovery rate of COVID-19 in the GCC countries has reached 98.7%, with the total number of people recovering from the disease reaching 3,596,116 people, out of a total of 3,643,196 cases infected with the virus since the discovery of the epidemic in the Gulf.

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