The Ministry of Health announced that Kuwait participated in a scientific study within a global alliance and under the umbrella of the World Health Organization, which concluded that the drug “Remdesivir” has new positive results that can be observed if it is taken at the beginning of the infection with “Covid 19”, saying this effect was not observed in advanced stages of the disease.

The ministry said in a press statement Monday that the study, known as the “Clinical Solidarity Trial” for Covid-19 Treatments and published in the “Lancet” magazine, included more than 14,000 patients around the world, reports a local Arabic daily quoting the Kuwait News Agency (KUNA).

The magazine stated that the study showed the outcome of the use of four types of antiviral drugs commonly used against the “Covid-19” virus and the percentage of them reducing the number of deaths, the need for artificial respiration and the length of stay in hospital.

The magazine pointed out that the team of researchers from the State of Kuwait included Dr. Al-Mundhir Al-Hasawi, Dr. Abdullah Al-Badr, Dr. Moudhi Al-Roumi, Dr. Kelly Shurrab and Dr. Salman Al-Sabah.

It is noteworthy to make a note that this is the second part of the information published by the Global Alliance with the aim of cooperating to find an effective treatment for “Covid-19”, since the first part of the information was published in February 2021, and it is possible to study more drugs based on the recorded data.

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