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Evening Tips for a morning flat belly

Losing weight and fat around the belly is no doubt the hardest thing, especially with a fast paced and demanding lifestyle. Watching your food quality, the...

Maintaining your health while on holiday

Everyone travels, for many, being on vacation means relaxation, a change of environment, and the chance to enjoy with family. However, among a list of...

Top six healthy Ramadan drinks

As you all know, this year Ramadan is coming during a month where dehydration is such a serious problem. Dehydration can slow your performance...

Smart options for your Suhour

Since one should last throughout the entire next day, Suhoor should be consistent and chosen in a smart way. Most people choose their Suhoor...

In Conversation with Mira Khattar – Eating Right to Live Happy & Healthy

Our exposure to nutritional information has never been more abundant and yet the understanding that informs our choices has been muddled in the same...

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