Ask Mira : Eating Right to Live Happy & Healthy

Broken Nails? I suffered from that problem, and changing a bit of my food choices helped me a lot. So, this week’s subject is mainly for you ladies out there, more specifically for those who suffer from broken nails. Growing strong nails might be a bit hard and might take some time.

Good nutrition and essential vitamins and minerals intake will help you a lot to see faster results. You just need to choose the most nutritious food that will help your nails grow stronger and longer.

More protein, more iron, more Vitamin B6 and B12: Nails problems are a sign of protein deficiency. So, you need to increase your protein intake from the best sources like animal products such as meat and cheese, but also vegetarian protein sources may actually be more nutritionally beneficial due to their low saturated and fatty content. Beans, peas, lentils and legumes are rich in protein but are also very lean, so make them a great part of any nutrition for nails plan.

More zinc-rich food: Zinc plays a significant role in growth and development of our cells. Zinc deficiency has a serious impact and causes skin problems, hair loss, abnormal discolorations of your nails, diarrhea, impaired taste sensation and reduced appetite! Teenagers have the highest risk of this deficiency as zinc is used at higher rates when the body is at maximum growth. Increase your consumption of oysters which is extremely high zinc. Chocolate and sesame seeds are also good sources of zinc, along with pumpkin and watermelon seeds.

More calcium and Vitamin D: The deficiency of calcium and Vitamin D causes your nails to lose their strength. They become dry and broken. You can find calcium and Vitamin D in green leafy vegetables, dairy products, sesame seeds, sardines, chicken, whole eggs, enriched cereals. A daily supplement can even help.

Last but not least, the best way is to always provide your body with all the varied and important nutrients by eating a well-balanced diet. You will need plenty of protein, fresh fruits and vegetables. Water intake is also important, as it provides moisture for your nails.

We are what we eat. And what we eat actually does affect the appearance of these external parts of our bodies.


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