Losing weight and fat around the belly is no doubt the hardest thing, especially with a fast paced and demanding lifestyle.

Watching your food quality, the timing of your food and choosing the right exercises that help you exert your muscles are the three crucial things for a flat belly.

In this article, I will focus on what you should do at night to get a flat belly in the morning, because what you eat and drink at night has a direct impact on your belly.

Plan your meals: Partake in an early dinner, the best time to have dinner is at 9 pm, and not later than that. Then, you need to watch out for the quality and quantity of food you are eating during the day and stick with healthy options for dinner. So basically, you need to plan your meals ahead.

Water is very important: People can lose weight only by drinking two Liters of water a day. Before eating you need to drink 2 glasses of room temperature water as it flushes all the toxins out of your body, and helps to ease the digestion process.

Exercise: Find an exercise program that you enjoy, specifically one that burns fat. Running, tennis, boxing or zumba, focus on an energetic workout that burns a lot of fat and calories as well as tones all the body muscles. Stomach crunches are also very good after your session.

Your workout can be one hour before dinner.

Reduce your juice intake. No need for those extra calories and sugar found in juices. Plus juices have zero gram of fiber and don’t give you any feeling of satiety. Soft drinks are loaded in gases, which increase bloating and ruin your flat belly shape.

Dinner options: At night, the best dinner to have can be either a zero-carb dinner, or some protein salads, non-creamy protein soups, or a bowl of cucumber yogurt which is high in probiotics and aid in the digestive process.

Vegetables can be eaten as much as you want, but avoid the kinds that cause bloating, like cabbage, broccoli, peppers and raw carrots. Hot drinks such as chamomile, ginger and anise can help in lot in burning your belly fat.

You can do it!

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