I would like to congratulate the esteemed leadership of Kuwait and the Kuwaiti people on the twin occasion of Kuwait’s 62nd anniversary of Independence Day and 32nd anniversary of Liberation Day.

These occasions allow us to reflect on the road this State has taken to ensure the creation of peace, safety, and prosperity to all its citizens and those who live on this land. Ever since its independence and liberation, Kuwait has been a cornerstone for peace in the region, thanks to its wise leaders and their remarkably balanced foreign policy.

Armenia and Kuwait share over 25 years of strong diplomatic relations based on mutual respect, common understanding of values and principles. We are grateful to the leadership of the State of Kuwait for their support and cooperation with the Embassy. We like to place special emphasis and express our appreciation for the welcome and kindness Armenians were met with in Kuwait since the early days of its independence. Today, a thriving Armenian community exists benefiting from the goodness and hospitality this country offers.

I wish the State of Kuwait, its leaders and the friendly people of Kuwait my sincere and heartfelt wishes for good health, success and continued prosperity.

H.E. Sarmen Baghdasarian
Ambassador of Armenia

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