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Integrating expatriates in Kuwaiti residential areas


Housing expatriate bachelors in Kuwaiti residential areas has been a contentious topic of discussion among citizens due to the overcrowding in these areas. Kuwaitis have urged government planners to relocate these expatriates to other residential areas to avoid overcrowding and also improve living conditions in the area particularly related to hygiene.

Providing a contrary view, a Kuwaiti engineer Hamad Al-Shammari has called for resolving the issue through a practical approach rather than an emotional one by integrating foreign residents into Kuwaiti residential areas, rather than banning them from living in the area., He suggested that the government allocate certain areas within the residential area to expatriates working in the area to ensure their comfort as well as their proximity to work.

He pointed out that this would help in reducing traffic congestion as well as solve overcrowding and hygiene conditions in the neighborhood restricted for citizens. He also noted that this would ensure migrant worker rights and help in efforts to avoid their marginalization in society by achieving social inclusion and creating a healthy environment of coexistence.

Al-Shammari said that he had presented his proposal to the former Minister of Municipality, Abdulaziz Al-Mujil, and to members and committees of the Municipal Council, and to the Lawyers’ Association. He highlighted that to achieve a successful implementation of the proposal, it would require integration between the areas Cooperative Society, the workforce, and the Kuwait Municipality.

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