Graphic design students at the University of Petra win 13 awards in an international competition in India

Students of the Graphic Design Department at the University of Petra won thirteen awards in the international competition “Typo Graphic Day 2023” in its sixteenth session in India.

The students participated in the competition through the “Typography” and Arabic Calligraphy and Ornamentation courses, under the supervision of Associate Professor in the Graphic Design Department, Dr. Noha Al-Basiouni, and Teaching Assistant Musab Shehadeh.

The “Typography Day” competition is a global competition for the best typography posters and Arabic calligraphy in the world in conjunction with the international conference and workshop held annually under the supervision of the Indian Design Society in Bombay, and with the support of the Department of Applied Arts at the Faculty of Visual Arts at Banaras University in India.

by Noor Said, Jordan

Design professionals from all over the world participate in the competition, and the winners were from Jordan, the United States of America, China, Japan, Denmark, Russia, Malaysia, Turkey, India, Iran, Taiwan, Belarus, Mauritius, Finland, Iraq and Macau.

Below are the names of the winning students from the Graphic Design Department at the University of Petra, Jordan — Tala Al-Sharqawi, Muhammad Mashouqa, Nouf Imad, Nour Saeed, Yara Faisal, Natalie Salama, Lara Akram, Reem Youssef, Joud Essam, Ahmed Qawqas, Laith Hani, Naseem Tamimi. Tasneem Othman.

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