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Forty eight aspiring Filipino and Nepali chefs receive certificates

By Ricky Laxa
Staff Writer

Forty eight culinary students of Masterclass Lifestyles Workshops received their certificates of completion and attendance Friday morning in a ceremony held at the function hall of The Walk Mall.

Aspiring chefs who have attended  one day baking class and workshop students received their certificates of attendance and and workshop completion Friday morning in the presence of the master chefs and trainers.

Forty eight in total attended the ceremony in the absence of fourteen who failed to go to the event due to work related concerns. Four Master chefs were present with Dave Baliling, a medical Executive Chef from Bayt Abdullah Children’s Hospice and Trainer at Masterclass Workshops delivered an inspirational message to the recipients.

“Never stop learning, be hungry for knowledge and be the best you can be” stated Chef Baliling. He also noted that each one should grab opportunities such as what Masterclass offers and make it as a good launch pd to start their own businesses back home or change their work designation.

Master Chef Jay Belleza, a  consultant for restaurant businesses and Trainer at Masterclass Workshops also shared his  thoughts on being persistent to learning and using the acquired skills and knowledge for a better future and income.

“Don’t work for money or fame  but work for the heart and the best opportunities will  follow” commented Chef Belleza. Present in the awarding ceremony were Nepali Media Raj Malla and Nirem productions Officer Jimee Prem Yakka who also both delivered  their congratulatory messages for the recipients.

Certificates were awarded to the one-day class attendees and certificates of completion to chefs who have accomplished their full workshops on breads and cakes. An inspirational song from one of the graduates Chef Mark Bacsal titled “Ngayon” (Now) received an applause from the audience.

Certificates of appreciation were given to Chef Mark presented by Chef Mariefe Torio and to Chef Baliling presented by Chef Mariel Macalalad. Gifts from Saija perfume were also given to the attendees and sim cards from Friendi Mobile were distributed to attendees during their classes.

The event ended with simple snacks catered by Berry Blast. Masterclass Worskhops wish to thank The Times Kuwait, Pot TV, Ser Paul and Anita Balmores for their support o the projects.

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