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Cabinet directs MoI to increase media coverage of government achievements

• The Cabinet has directed the Ministry of Information to conduct more interviews with ministers and government officials to highlight the important work and services provided by each ministry or government agency.

• The Cabinet warned against the dangers of spreading rumors and false news in the country, urging social media and news services to adhere to media professionalism and ensure credibility and national interest.

• The Cabinet approved the decisions of the Supreme Committee for Granting Nationality, which include some cases of loss and withdrawal of nationality.

• Cabinet reviewed progress on Sulaibikhat Bay and Jahra Corniche projects

The Cabinet of Ministers has directed the Ministry of Information to conduct more interviews with ministers and government officials. The aim is to highlight the important work and services provided by each ministry or government agency.

This initiative is intended to shed light on the most significant achievements made by ministries and government agencies. By doing so, the government hopes to increase communication between citizens and officials.

Ultimately, this effort is in the best interests of the country and its citizens.

Cabinet warns against the dangers of misinformation

According to the sources at Al-Rai newspaper, the Cabinet warned against the dangers of spreading rumors, false news, and misinformation in the country. It urged social media and news services to adhere to media professionalism and ensure credibility and national interest.

The Cabinet denounced the actions of some social media and news services which recently published news that contradict reality. This was especially the case regarding the procedures of ministries and government agencies.

It also stressed the need for everyone to take responsibility for all that is published, transmitted, or re-broadcast of incorrect news.

The Cabinet affirmed that legal measures will be taken against anyone who is proven to be involved in spreading these rumors, false news, and misinformation.

Prime Minister congratulates top students on twelfth grade results

On the occasion of announcing the results of the twelfth grade for the academic year 2023/2024, His Highness Sheikh Ahmed Abdullah Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah, the Prime Minister, extended his sincere congratulations and blessings to the outstanding students who obtained the first places and their families.

His Highness expressed his pride and honor for this excellence that raised the banner of knowledge and education in the country.

This excellence came after the efforts, fatigue, perseverance, and determination of the outstanding students and their families, and culminated in reaping the fruits of hard work.

His Highness also appreciated the efforts of the teachers in the Ministry of Education for their great efforts in achieving these desired results.

Resuming Filipino labor recruitment to Kuwait

On the other hand, the First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense and Interior Sheikh Fahd Al-Youssef briefed the Cabinet on the results of his meeting with the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Migrant Workers in the Republic of the Philippines, Bernard Olalia.

During the meeting, the issue of resuming the recruitment of Filipino labor to the State of Kuwait was resolved. This comes in light of the friendly relations between the two countries and the sincere desire of both sides to strengthen bilateral labor relations.

He explained that the Kuwaiti and Filipino sides agreed to lift the ban and allow the issuance of all entry visas and work visas for Filipino nationals. It was also agreed to allow the recruitment of Filipino domestic workers who have previously worked abroad and have work experience.

He pointed out that the two sides also agreed to establish a joint technical working committee composed of the competent authorities in both countries. This committee will meet periodically to address labor-related issues and address any concerns that may arise in the future.

Cabinet commends public for response to power outage

The Cabinet listened to a presentation by the Minister of Electricity, Water, and Renewable Energy and Minister of State for Housing Affairs, Dr. Mahmoud Abdul Aziz Bou Shehri, on the latest developments in the electricity system in the country.

In this context, the Cabinet expressed its sincere thanks and great appreciation to citizens, residents, ministries, government agencies, and private sector companies for their quick response during the power outage last Wednesday in some areas.

The Cabinet commended the cooperation of individuals and entities with the Ministry and their sense of national responsibility. This cooperation contributed to reducing electricity loads, especially during peak hours, which helped stabilize the electricity system in the country.

Cabinet reviews progress on projects

The Cabinet held discussions on the recommendations presented in the minutes of a meeting conducted by the Ministerial Committee for Public Services.

These recommendations focused on two major projects: the development of a master plan for Sulaibikhat Bay and the development of the Jahra seafront, also known as the Jahra Corniche.

During the meeting, the Committee presented the Cabinet with a report compiled by the Kuwait Municipality. This report detailed the latest advancements in the status of both projects, including a comprehensive timeline for their execution.

The Cabinet has assigned the Kuwait Municipality a crucial role in completing the two important projects. The Municipality will work in coordination with other government agencies to ensure the successful implementation of previously issued Cabinet decisions concerning these projects.

To achieve this goal, the Cabinet has outlined the following steps for the Kuwait Municipality:

  • To finalize the procedures and pave the way for their swift implementation, the project leaders will need to coordinate with the Municipal Council, the Public Environment Authority, and any other relevant bodies for the Sulaibikhat Bay project. Similarly, for the Jahra Corniche project, coordination with the Municipal Council and other appropriate entities will be crucial.
  • The project leaders will need to work together with the Ministry of Finance, the Direct Investment Promotion Authority, and any other relevant entities. This collaboration will focus on completing studies related to private sector participation and determining the most effective mechanism for offering and marketing these projects to both local and international investors.

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