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UIS hosted a parent orientation program for XI graders – 2024-25

United Indian School conducted a parent orientation program on 23rd March 2024 as part of the induction of students in Grade XI.

Parent orientation program plays a crucial role in fostering effective communication between parents, students, and the school. The program aimed to engage parents effectively and provide them with valuable insights into the child’s education journey.

The Senior Principal of UIS, Mr. C Radhakrishnan delivered the welcome address and emphasized the importance of parental involvement in the holistic development of students. He stated that their presence signifies a partnership, one that is vital to the success and growth of the students. The support, encouragement, and involvement of the parents are the cornerstones upon which the achievements of the students are built.

The principal familiarized the parents with the institution’s ethos, culture, policies, and practices. He urged the parents and students to comply with the school policies related to attendance, discipline, punctuality, and regularity to achieve academic excellence. Since Grade XI is the stepping stone towards higher education, student’s performance will be strictly monitored. He briefed the parents about the assessment pattern and reiterated the minimum scores required for theory and practical examinations. He spoke at length about higher education opportunities and guided the parents in choosing the right colleges and universities for undergraduate courses.

The head of the English department Mrs. Divya Shajiwelcomed the parents and emphasized the vital role of the English language and communication skills in the personal and professional life of a student. She assured her department’s commitment to providing an academically stimulating environment for the students that instilled a love for language and literature. The English department is committed to providing an environment that is not only academically stimulating but also nurturing and inclusive.

The head of the Physics department Mr. Philipose Varghese welcomed and congratulated the parents for admitting their wards to a highly reputed school in Kuwait. He stated that Physics is a way of thinking. The concepts of physics taught in grades 11 and 12 prepare the students for various competitive examinations. Commitment and dedication will enable a child to reach the pinnacle of success.

The head of the Chemistry department, Mrs Elizabeth Mani emphasised the importance of learning Chemistry with proper interest in both theory and practical sessions. She said that Chemistry can open the path to diverse career paths, including research, academics, industry, and healthcare. It also givesopportunities in fields such as medicine, engineering, agriculture, and forensics. Practical skills developed in the laboratories are highly valued in many scientific careers. Hence practical classes are to be taken seriously, as they help in redefining their critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. She stated that learning must be through interactive sessions which will in turn make the process of learning interesting for the students.

Mrs. Shanima Hisham, coordinator of grades 11 and 12 Biology, addressed the gathering and explained the importance of learning Biology as a core subject in CBSE. Biology opens a wide range of career options and job securities in various fields,especially in the medical and para-medical fields. She stated that the curriculum of grade 11 is the foundation for the NEET examination. Measures were suggested to learn the subject of Biology more easily and effectively. She advised the students to develop a habit of reading the textbook regularly and insisted on the timely submission of records.

The head of the Department of Computer Science and Informatics Practices, Mrs Shalini Ninan enlightened the gathering about the prospects of the subject. She stated that the grade 11 curriculum is classified into two parts: front-end and back-end. In front-end, the programming language used is Python. It is used in modern technologies like AI and Machine Learning. Basic programming concepts are taught in informatics with data analysis, data visualization, data structure,etc. Back-end deals with database and MSQL. A good score in the subject is ensured if the student is attentive and punctual in class.

The head of the Department of Mathematics Mrs Sheeba Sreekumar discussed the intricacies of the curriculum and suggested ways to nurture a profound interest in Mathematics. The teaching approach emphasizes not merely the memorization of formulae and algorithms but rather the cultivation of deep conceptual understanding. In terms of curriculum coverage, the department has meticulously mapped out a comprehensive plan that ensures a thorough exploration of key topics throughout the academic year. The goal is to delve deeply into each concept and lay a solid foundation for future learning and growth.

The head of the Department of Commerce, Mr. Thomas Mathew addressed the parent with zeal and vigour. Commerce is a diverse field consisting of many subjects such as accountancy, business studies, economics, etc. In today’sdeveloping world, knowledge in commerce is essential.Commerce has become the backbone of every nation. The level of growth and the standard of living of its citizens are associated with the state of commerce in every country. The distinguished faculty members of the commerce department blend academic expertise with real-world experience ensuring a balanced learning environment.

The head of the Department of Economics, Mr. Mustansir Fazal spoke about the relevance of economics in our day-to-day life.The department is passionate and its mission is to nurture excellence and provide the students with exceptional learning experiences that will enable them to become independent thinkers, ready to pursue their chosen career paths.

The HODs briefed the parents about the assessment pattern. Maintaining discipline creates a conducive environment for learning. It is essential for effectively managing the classroom. The efforts of the teachers are insufficient without the invaluable support of the parents and guardians. They urged the parents to collaborate with the teachers to join hands together so that the children become good citizens of society.

The parent orientation session concluded with a thought-provoking speech by the vice principal, Mrs. Mary Litty.Fostering a conducive atmosphere for the students is the ultimate priority of teachers as well as parents. Hence let us embark on this journey with a shared vision of excellence and commitment to fostering a lifelong love of learning in our children. We look forward to working closely with the students, celebrating their successes, and navigating the challenges that lie ahead.

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