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Symposium explores AI impact on criminal liability

Lecturers at a symposium organized by the Kuwait Institute for Judicial and Legal Studies delved into the complexities of incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) into legal frameworks and its implications for criminal liability. The event, part of an educational and legal program, provided a platform to discuss the advantages and drawbacks of AI in courtrooms and its potential application in case rulings.

Participants highlighted the successful implementation of AI in certain misdemeanor cases, particularly in traffic-related offenses, citing examples from countries like the United States. Major General Dr. Fahd Al-Dosari, former Director of Criminal Evidence, underscored the emerging trend of using AI in evidence presentation, such as analyzing fingerprints and even conducting virtual autopsies, reports Al-Jarida daily.

Dr. Moaz Al-Mulla, Professor of Criminal Law at Kuwait International Law School, explored the theoretical challenges posed by AI’s involvement in criminal activities, raising questions about assigning liability when crimes are committed by intelligent machines. He emphasized the need for criminal jurisprudence to adapt to the digital revolution accelerated by AI technology.

Counselor Hani Al-Hamdan, Director of the Kuwait Institute for Judicial and Legal Studies, emphasized the inevitability of AI’s integration into litigation systems. While acknowledging both the benefits and risks of AI in legal proceedings, he stressed the importance of establishing clear regulations to govern its use effectively, particularly in minor misdemeanor cases.

Al-Hamdan highlighted Saudi Arabia’s strides in digital transformation within litigation systems, positioning the Kingdom as a global leader in AI implementation. The symposium provided valuable insights into the evolving intersection of AI and criminal liability, paving the way for informed decision-making in legal practices amidst technological advancements.

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