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Training course highlights cooperation between PAAAFR, EPD

The Public Authority for Agriculture Affairs and Fisheries Resources (PAAAFR) recently organized a training course under the title “Protecting Natural Reserves in accordance with the Environmental Protection Law and its Executive Regulations,” as part of a cooperation agreement with the Environmental Police Department (EPD).

The course was attended by Eng. Nasser Taqi, PAAAFR Director General, Brigadier General Dr. Hussein Al-Ajmi, Director of the EPD, and Colonel Saud Al-Otaibi also from EPD, reports Al-Jarida daily.

During the course, Taqi emphasized the significance of natural reserves, which collectively cover an area of 1,481 km2 across various sites including Khabari Al-Awazem, Wadi Al-Batin, Umm Qadir, and Al-Khuwaisat Reserves. He commended the efforts of the Environmental Police in safeguarding these reserves.

Al-Ajmi issued a warning to citizens and residents against entering fenced natural reserves without proper permits. He highlighted that the Environmental Protection Law prohibits the introduction of foreign animal or plant species into reserves, as well as any activities that disrupt conservation efforts or harm the environment. Violators could face imprisonment and fines ranging from 500 to 5,000 dinars.

Al-Ajmi also disclosed that in 2023, the Environmental Police registered 130 cases of individuals arrested within reserves, leading to the administrative deportation of 28 offenders. He emphasized ongoing efforts to enhance surveillance capabilities and patrols to enforce environmental laws effectively.

The training course underscores the commitment of both the PAAAFR and the EPD to preserve Kuwait’s natural heritage and enforce environmental regulations to ensure the sustainable management of natural reserves.

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