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Premier leads the pack on bicycle as thousands take part in Sports Day

His Highness the Prime Minister Sheikh Dr. Muhammad Al-Sabah, alongside numerous ministers, officials, and diplomats, led thousands of citizens and residents in participating in “Kuwait Sports Day,” now slated to become an annual tradition on March 9, on the Jaber Bridge.

Marking a significant turnout for a local event, over 12,000 individuals of all genders engaged in the festivities, inaugurated by the General Sports Authority. The activities included a 5-kilometre walking race, a 15-kilometre cycling race, as well as various sports, exhibition events, and group competitions, reports Al-Rai daily.

His Highness the Prime Minister took part in the bicycle race, leading the pack of hundreds of competitors as they embarked on the challenge. Simultaneously, the walking race commenced on the opposite side of the Sheikh Jaber Bridge, starting from the Shuwaikh Port side and culminating at the bridge’s southern island, the finish line.

Throughout the event, members of the Ministry of Interior ensured smooth organization, commencing from the early hours of eight in the morning.

Expressing his admiration, the Prime Minister lauded the initiative of the General Sports Authority and other involved entities, highlighting the significance of sports across all age groups. He emphasized its role in fostering teamwork and promoting holistic well-being.

In a press statement, he remarked, “Today, we celebrate an event where no one emerges as a loser. Participation itself makes everyone a victor, elevating morale and nurturing hope for Kuwait’s prosperous future.” He extended gratitude to all participants, particularly acknowledging the organizers for their exceptional arrangements. Concluding, he attributed the favorable weather and ambiance to divine benevolence, facilitating inclusive participation.

Minister of State for Youth Affairs and Minister of State for Communications Affairs, Daoud Marafi, lauded the collective efforts behind Kuwait Sports Day, underscoring the support of ambitious Kuwaiti individuals from various sectors. He regarded the event as a catalyst for a redefined sporting landscape in Kuwait, expressing optimism for its future iterations.

Marafi revealed that despite the initial decision to hold the event on March 5, it was rescheduled to March 9, a holiday, to maximize family participation. The actual number of participants exceeded 12,000, surpassing expectations. He affirmed ongoing efforts to introduce innovative sports initiatives, particularly during Ramadan in residential areas.

Sheikh Fahd Nasser Sabah Al-Ahmad, President of the Kuwait Olympic Committee, expressed heartfelt gratitude to His Highness the Prime Minister Sheikh Dr. Muhammad Al-Sabah for his patronage and active participation in Kuwait Sports Day. He emphasized that the Prime Minister’s involvement underscores the government’s robust support for community sports, fostering a culture of well-being across all segments of society, beyond mere competition.

Sheikh Fahd Al Nasser commended all involved parties for orchestrating a significant sporting event, wherein over 13,000 competitors of diverse ages and genders took part, exemplifying the inclusive essence of sports for all.

Yousef Al-Baidan, Director of the General Sports Authority, affirmed the honor bestowed upon the sports community by the Prime Minister’s presence, aligning with the Authority’s strategic vision. He attributed the event’s success to the concerted efforts of the Prime Minister, ministers, General Sports Authority staff, and specifically the sports sector.

In a separate interaction, His Highness the Prime Minister Sheikh Mohammed Al-Sabah praised the enthusiastic participation of individuals with special needs in all Sports Day activities. He lauded their determination, highlighting it as a testament to the unwavering resolve of Kuwaiti citizens in achieving their goals. He extended gratitude to all participants, acknowledging their invaluable contribution to the event’s success.

Moreover, the establishment of a “sports village” on the southern island of Jaber Bridge provided participants with a sanctuary for relaxation and entertainment. Offering various activities such as table tennis, recreational games, and live performances, the village served as a hub for rejuvenation amidst the spirited competitions of Kuwait Sports Day.

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