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Piles of rubles and waste from buildings cause road blocks and congestion

By Ricky Laxa
Staff Writer

Piles of waste and rubles consisting of furnitures, equipments and waste products disposed by individuals and building caretakers are blocking two way streets, causing congestion on inner roads. Residents urge municipalities to impose strict measures and fines to ensure proper disposal of waste and avoid further casualties.

“These waste items have been dumped here after the fire accident occurred in Mangaf. Many of the buildings around swiftly cleared basements and passages in their buildings yet ignore the bulk of waste dumped on the road causing congestion on cars” complained Johar, a resident in Salmiyah. The waste items have been dumped in certain areas for the past few days occupying roads due to overflowed garbage bins in front of edifices.

In a directive issued by the municipality warned that all governorates will strictly enforce penalties against violators who dump rubble and waste in front of their properties. Municipality urged property owners to remove their violations voluntarily, in accordance with municipal regulations, which require property owners to remove rubble and waste rather than piling it up in front of their properties to avoid fines.

The Kuwait Municipality is cracking down on property owners who dump furniture, debris, or any other materials in front of their properties. In a press release, the Municipality warned that violators will be subject to fines in accordance with the Municipality Law. However, residents face inconveniences and health risk as piles increase everyday and building owners defy the directives of the government.

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