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Kuwait Amir affirms the significant role of the Bush Foundation in boosting values

His Highness the Amir Sheikh Meshal Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah has affirmed the significant role played by George Bush H.W. Presidential Foundation for boosting noble values and expressed congratulations on the inauguration of George Bush H.W. Presidential Library’s new branch in Texas.

In a recorded statement during the library inauguration ceremony and the late US president’s 100th birthday anniversary, His Highness the Amir addressed him and the present participants in the activity, stating, “On behalf of myself and the State of Kuwait, Government, and people, we are pleased to offer good congratulations to the United States of America, its friendly people and the gracious Bush family on the annual advent of the late president George Bush Senior’s anniversary.

“We thank you for the invitation to partake in memorizing this anniversary while recalling with all pride the great alliance that had brought us together during the peak of the crisis that had been experienced by the State of Kuwait during the flagrant Iraqi aggression in 1990.”

Due to the sincere efforts that had been masterminded by President George Bush Senior, our partners under the leadership of the friendly United States expressed serious readiness to defend ideal values, justice and freedom, international laws, and Kuwait’s legitimacy.

“We in the State of Kuwait deeply admire President George Bush (Senior), his sagacious stands, sacrifices of the American soldiers, and the American people’s support for our state; these are the most prominent chapters in the history of the distinguished and historic relations between the two friendly countries.”

Moreover, we express our deep appreciation of the George Bush Foundation for its continuous efforts for boosting the noble and ideal values and we offer heartfelt congratulations on the inauguration of the new branch of George Bush Library that constitutes a center for knowledge.

“In conclusion, we express our deep gratitude for the legacy of President George Bush and the friendly United States of America, appreciation of the spirit of solidarity, friendship, and our hopes for further progress and distinctiveness for everybody.”

Source: KUNA

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