Pan roasted shrimp salad

This is an easy to prepare healthy salad that combines the goodness of seafood, fresh vegetables and herbs, along with the sweetness of mangoes and nutty flavor of avocados, to render a delightful crunchy, sweet, sour and spicy taste. You can quickly rustle together this refreshing salad from ingredients that are readily available in the local market, and impress guests and friends alike by your cooking prowess.

Ingredients for 4 portions

  • Shrimps 300g
  • Scallops 300g
  • Olive oil 50ml
  • Tomato 50g
  • Onion 50g
  • Mango 50g
  • Coriander leaves 20g
  • Cherry tomato 50g
  • Rosemary 20g
  • Salt 5g
  • Pepper 5g
  • Baby spinach leaves 40g
  • Romaine lettuce 40g
  • Avocado 1pc
  • Radish red 50g
  • Lemon juice 20ml
  • Garlic 20g
  • Green chili 10g


For shrimps and scallops:

  • Marinate the shrimps and scallops with olive oil, chopped rosemary, salt, pepper and lemon juice, and set aside for an hour
  • Place a pan over high heat, add olive oil and flavor with garlic and rosemary.
  • Add the marinated shrimps, scallops and gently fry till they are fully cooked and attain a golden-brown color.
  • Remove from fire and set aside

For salsa:

  • Finely chop the avocado, mango, coriander, onion, and green chili
  • Place them in a bowl, add lemon juice, olive oil, salt, pepper and toss together
  • Slice the radish and cherry tomatoes, clean the lettuce and baby spinach,

To serve, place the salsa in the center of a plate, arrange the fried shrimps and scallops on top, and arrange the cherry tomato, radish and lettuce, and baby spinach around the plate.

Serve hot or cold.

Creative, enthusiastic and with a passion for food, Chef Binu Joseph is currently Chef at The Regency Hotel Kuwait. With over 17 years of experience serving in luxury five-star properties in the region, Chef Joseph has an in-depth knowledge in preparing multiple cuisines, including Arabic, Asian, American, Continental and Indian dishes. In addition, his culinary skills in putting his own stamp on traditional dishes to create new combinations of flavors, textures and tastes allows him to prepare dishes that meet the tastes of the most discerning patrons. Chef Joseph now brings his versatility and 5-star culinary creativity to the pages of The Times Kuwait, with simple recipes that anyone can prepare using ingredients that are readily available in Kuwait.

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