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New case of fuel theft filed Sabah Al-Salem Police Station

In a reminiscent incident of fuel theft registered at Maidan Hawalli Police Station in December 2023, a new case has been filed at the Sabah Al-Salem Police Station, under number 2024/7, involving fuel theft.

According to a security source, a citizen born in 1962, acting as a representative for a local fuel marketing company, has filed a complaint detailing repeated visits by a driver to the fuel station in the Ali Sabah Al-Salem area on eight separate occasions, reports Al-Anba daily.

After refueling, the driver would flee the scene without payment, indicating a pattern of theft. The estimated value of the stolen fuel amounted to 18.5 dinars over these eight incidents.

The evidence included video footage capturing the accused in the act. Subsequently, the police station investigator has issued instructions to the detectives to arrest the suspect.

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