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NAPA’s spectacular 37th anniversary celebration mesmerizes audiences with a journey through time

The milestone occasion was a testament to the dedication of Nritta Dhyana Academy for Performing Arts to preserving and promoting the rich heritage of Indian classical dance.

The Nritta Dhyana Academy for Performing Arts (NAPA), based in Salmiya, Kuwait, celebrated its 37th anniversary with an unforgettable event at the Aspire Bilingual School in Abassiya.

This milestone occasion, conceptualized, directed, and choreographed by Kalakshetra Guru Smt. Arundhati Singha John, who also serves as the Artistic Director, was a testament to the academy’s dedication to preserving and promoting the rich heritage of Indian classical dance.

The evening was graced by distinguished guests, including H. E. Kandeepan Bala, the Ambassador of Sri Lanka to Kuwait, and Shri Ram Krishnamani, a renowned author from the United States.

The presence of Mr. Jerry Alwyn from Jerry’s Journey Production Company, Mrs. Shirley Dennis, Director of the Indian School of Excellence Kuwait, Smt. Ananthi Natrajan, proprietor of Saravana Bhavana Vegetarian Restaurant, Smt. Ritu Mathur, Principal of Integrated Indian School, and Ms. Shoug al Shirazi, a prominent Kuwaiti travel influencer and content creator, added to the event’s prestige.”

The event also featured the launch of Shri Ram Krishnamani’s book, “Shall We Dance,” unveiled by the Sri Lankan Ambassador. This added a literary touch to the evening, celebrating the confluence of art and literature. The evening began with two invocatory performances by NAPA’s students, showcasing their incredible talent and mastery of Bharatanatyam. These performances left the audience spellbound, setting the stage for the main event—the highly anticipated dance drama, “Lankeshwara: A Musical Tale of the Vanquished King.”

“Lankeshwara” was a theatrical masterpiece that held the audience on the edge of their seats. The students, adorned in meticulously designed costumes, portrayed various characters with such authenticity and conviction that it transported the audience back to the golden age of theatre. The props, crafted with precision by Shri Unnikrishnan Kurup, added a breathtaking flair to the production, enhancing the overall visual experience.

A notable highlight was the stage backdrop, a magnificent hand-painted creation by Shri Rajeev Devanandanam, marking a first in Kuwait’s theatre history. Its grandeur and artistic finesse were a visual treat, providing a perfect setting for the drama.

The narrative of “Lankeshwara” unfolded with intricate choreography and compelling storytelling, capturing the audience’s imagination and emotions. The performance concluded with a standing ovation, a testament to the outstanding execution and profound impact it had on everyone present. The authenticity of the acting and the dedication of the students to their roles were commendable, evoking nostalgic memories of classic theatre plays.

The event was a flawless demonstration of NAPA’s professionalism and meticulous attention to detail. Every aspect, from the performances to the event management by NAPA’s core team, was executed with precision, creating an enchanting ambiance that transported the audience back to the ancient tales of Lanka.

In conclusion, NAPA’s 37th-anniversary celebration was a resounding success, blending tradition, artistry, and excellence. It was an evening that not only celebrated the academy’s rich legacy but also set a new benchmark in Kuwait’s cultural landscape. Bravo to Smt. Arundhati Singha John and her exceptional team for orchestrating such a magnificent event.

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