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Ministry simplifies ‘Your Fear Is Their Joy 2’ payments via Civil Enforcement

Debtors do not need to visit any government agency or submit a request, as all necessary data is accessible at the Ministry of Justice

  • The total number of participants in the ‘Your Fear Is Their Joy 2’ campaign reached 22,601 donors.

  • The national campaign raised over 12.644 million dinars, with donations totaling 11.002 million dinars. The ministry received an extra 1.642.094 million dinars after the campaign ended.

Abdulaziz Al-Mutairi, Acting Undersecretary of the Kuwaiti Ministry of Social Affairs, announced on Sunday that groups benefiting from the proceeds of the national campaign “Your Fear Is Their Joy 2” to pay off debtors’ debts will be paid directly in accordance with established rules and conditions.

This statement was issued by the ministry after Al-Mutairi chaired the meeting of the special committee to support debtors through the national campaign launched by the ministry under the guidance of the Minister of Social Affairs, Family, and Child Affairs, Sheikh Firas Al-Sabah, between March 25 and April 20, aimed at localizing charitable work.

Al-Mutairi, according to the statement, emphasized the ministry’s commitment to easing the burdens of citizens in debt, who find themselves unable to repay their debts, by assisting them and standing by their side. This assistance is facilitated by utilizing donations from the campaign, which are channeled through the Civil Enforcement Department in the Ministry of Justice.

He emphasized, “Debtors do not need to visit any government agency or submit a request, as all necessary data is accessible at the Ministry of Justice. Payments will be directly made to eligible groups following established rules and conditions.”

The meeting was held in the presence of Dr. Khaled Al-Ajmi, the Assistant Undersecretary for Social Development at the Ministry of Affairs, along with Abdulaziz Al-Ajmi, the Director of the Charitable Societies and Foundations Department, and representatives from relevant governmental and private agencies.

These representatives included the Ministry of Justice, represented by the Implementation Department, the Ministry of Endowments and Islamic Affairs, the President of the Union of Charitable Societies, and the President of the Union of Cooperative Societies.

The meeting focused on considering and discussing the identification of eligible categories for support, special conditions for debt payment, and the preparation of lists for Kuwaiti debtors who meet these conditions. These plans will be developed and approved later, after receiving all data and statistics from the Ministry of Justice’s Implementation Department, which is the competent authority in this matter.

Last Thursday, the Minister of Social Affairs, Family, and Childhood Affairs announced that the final tally of the national campaign exceeded 12.644 million dinars.

Sheikh Firas Al-Sabah stated to the Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) earlier that donations amounted to 11.002 million dinars, with the ministry receiving an additional 1.642.094 million dinars after the official end date of the campaign.

He added that the total number of participants in the campaign, which was conducted in cooperation with the Ministries of Information, Justice, Endowments, the Federation of Consumer Cooperative Societies, and the Federation of Kuwaiti Charitable Societies and Organizations, reached 22,601 donors.

He stressed that the campaign was carried out under the directives of the political leadership and the instructions of the Council of Ministers to localize charitable work within the country and support all efforts that serve citizens.

Sheikh Firas praised the contributions and participation of various institutions, entities, and individuals, stating that “it confirms the goodness and courage of the Kuwaiti people to help those in need.”

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