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Public Authority for Manpower hosts event on workplace safety

The authority celebrated World Day for Occupational Health and Safety under the theme “Towards a Safe Work Environment,” emphasizing the importance of occupational health and safety and its impact on industry, economic growth, and worker well-being.

  • Rabab Al-Osaimi, Acting Deputy Director General at the Public Authority for Manpower, emphasized the authority’s tech advancements and urged business owners to keep up with health and safety system updates.

The Public Authority for Manpower hosted a workshop on Sunday to celebrate World Day for Occupational Health and Safety, themed “Towards a Safe Work Environment.”

The event was organized by the permanent committee responsible for linking and coordinating between manpower and civil society institutions, along with public benefit associations.

During the celebration, Rabab Al-Osaimi, the Acting Deputy Director General for Planning and Administrative Development at the Authority, emphasized the importance of occupational health and safety, highlighting its impact on industry, economic growth, and worker well-being.

Al-Osaimi also highlighted the authority’s advancement in technology adoption, urging business owners to stay updated with the latest developments in health and safety systems.

Al-Osaimi added that the primary goal of the celebration is to reach the largest possible number of stakeholders and professionals in the field of occupational health and safety. The aim is to exchange ideas and successful experiences in this field and to understand the standards and requirements that must be followed within the workplace to preserve the safety of all employees.

For her part, Aseel AlMazyad, the official spokesperson for the Commission, Director of the Public Relations and Media Department, and Chairman of the Permanent Coordinating Committee, stated in a similar speech that the committee aims, through these activities, to enhance the culture of human rights, raise awareness about them, and contribute to strengthening the strategic humanitarian partnership that benefits all segments of Kuwaiti society.

She highlighted that the committee had finalized three memorandums of understanding between the authority and the Kuwaiti Society for Human Rights, the Kuwaiti Red Crescent Society, and the Social Work Society, aiming for joint cooperation, enhanced workers’ awareness, and the development of a culture of human rights.

She also mentioned that these memorandums of understanding aim to utilize all available means and possibilities to inform members of society about their rights and duties in the country, legal protection, and reducing human rights violations.

On the sidelines of the celebration, workshops were conducted, covering seven topics presented by the Public Authority for Manpower, the General Fire Force, the Ministry of Health, the Kuwait Oil Company, the Federation of Kuwait Industries, the Kuwaiti Human Rights Society, and Takween Training and Consulting Company.

These workshops aimed to clarify the role of authorities in the field of occupational safety and health, outline their procedures, and foster knowledge exchange. Additionally, an exhibition focusing on occupational safety and health was held with the participation of government agencies, private companies, and public benefit associations.

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