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Ministry scraps plan for public donations to fund municipal activities

The decision of Minister of Public Works and Minister of State for Municipal Affairs mandates completing transfer procedures for all municipal employees within or between sectors from April 1 to October 1 annually

Dr. Noura Al-Mashaan, Minister of Public Works and Minister of State for Municipal Affairs, revoked the decision to accept donations and contributions from citizens and private sector companies for funding municipal activities.

The decision, canceled in 2019, stated that the municipality had the right to accept unconditional donations and contributions from citizens and private sector companies to fund municipal activities, provided that the municipal council issued a decision.

On the other hand, Al-Mashaan issued a decision to organize and set dates for transfers and stop requests for transfer and secondment to certain administrative units. The decision specifies that transfer and secondment procedures must be completed for all municipal employees, whether within the same sector or between sectors, according to specified dates from April 1 to October 1 each year.

Newly appointed employees are not allowed to request transfers until two years have passed from their start date. Requests for transfer and assignment to the Funeral Affairs Department are suspended. Residents of specified areas (Sabah Al-Ahmad, Al-Khairan, Al-Wafra) are exempt from transfer restrictions, verified by their address on the civil ID card only. However, transfer and assignment to other work centers outside these areas are not allowed for three years, provided that the employee’s specialization matches the new work center. It is also emphasized that only exceptional cases can be placed in these areas.

On the other hand, Dr. Noura Al-Mashaan, commented on two decisions made by the municipal council.

The minister’s letter to the Municipal Council stated: ‘We have reviewed the minutes of Municipal Council Meeting No. 13/2024D2 for the second session of the thirteenth legislative term held on February 19, 2024. We hereby confirm the ratification of all decisions made during the meeting, except for the following decisions:’

  1. Resolution No. “MB/Sh5/161/13/2024D2” approves the removal of parking lots adjacent to Al-Waleed Bin Abdul Malik School and amends Municipal Council Resolution No. “MB/LF 1/13/02/2023D2” dated 8 Dhu al-Hijjah 1444 AH (corresponding to 6/26/2023 AD). The proposed parking lots opposite Awad Rashid Al-Shanfa Street in the Al-Fardous area, Block 6, will remain. 

    The decision violates Article 36 of the internal regulations governing the Municipal Council’s work, as outlined in Ministerial Resolution No. 127 of 2023. The article states “that any topic previously decided upon by the council cannot be reintroduced unless one year has passed since the decision was issued. Exceptions include cases where a request is made by the competent minister, the president, or two-thirds of the Council members, provided there are developments regarding the matter.”

    The public interest necessitates the presence of parking lots adjacent to Al-Waleed Bin Abdul Malik School. These parking lots will serve the area by reducing traffic congestion and random parking for school-goers, and they will help regulate traffic. According to a study by the executive branch, these parking lots are not adjacent to the residential plots of the complainants. This is due to the presence of Al-Fardous Street, a 36-meter-wide street with a central island, separating the residential plots from the parking lots designated for the school, as stated in the executive branch’s study on the matter.

  2. Resolution No. “MB/L H6/175/13/2024D2” approves the Ministry of Finance’s request to permanently reallocate a designated site in the Salmiya area. This site, with an area of 750 square meters and dimensions of 25m x 30m, was previously allocated temporarily under Municipal Council Resolution No. ‘MB/F20/270/10/99’ dated 5/31/1999. The resolution also cancels any previous decisions regarding the site.
    The Ministry of Finance’s request to permanently reallocate the site, for which Resolution No. “MB/F20/270/10/99” was issued on 5/31/1999, contradicts the original reason for the temporary allocation of the site.

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