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Ministry nod for return of wedding halls to donors, cooperatives

The Ministry of Social Affairs has initiated the process of granting approvals for the return of several wedding halls across different regions to their respective donors and the boards of directors of cooperative societies.

This action is in compliance with Ministerial Resolution No. 1/2024 which stipulates a six-month deadline for interested parties to submit applications to the Ministry of Social Affairs for managing the halls. Failure to do so may result in the assignment of management, maintenance, and operation to cooperative societies falling under the Ministry’s purview, reports Al-Jarida daily.

The Ministry is set to implement rigorous supervision through its Lounges Department inspectors to ensure the halls adhere to established controls and requirements. Sources reveal that the Community Development Department within the Ministry intends to monitor the halls closely, particularly in relation to the pricing of “food buffets” during social events, is aimed at preventing the exploitation and ensure fair practices.

The Ministry has explicitly prohibited hall managers from discontinuing the use of the “Events House” application for the automated reservation system, emphasizing its continued usage to make halls available for citizens during various social events.

Regarding the restoration process, the Ministry welcomes donors or cooperative boards of directors interested in reclaiming the halls, provided they adhere to established controls. Comprehensive maintenance contracts, covering aspects such as air conditioners and electricity, are mandatory. In cases where a donor declines with an official letter confirming their decision, the hall may be presented to the cooperative for management. If the cooperative’s board of directors refuses, alternative cooperatives in proximity will be considered.

Furthermore, donors are obliged to install surveillance cameras, ensure regular maintenance, and are prohibited from subcontracting to third parties or exploiting the halls in violation of government regulations, including those issued by entities like the General Fire Force and the Municipality. Failure to comply may result in withdrawal of the hall from the donor.

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