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Minister of Commerce prioritizes food security and essential goods

• Minister of Commerce and Industry Omar Al-Omar stresses the importance of ensuring food security and providing essential food items to citizens.

• The joint inspection tour reflects the effective cooperation between ministries to ensure the availability of necessary food supplies.

Minister of Commerce and Industry Omar Al-Omar emphasized the importance of ensuring food security for the citizens of Kuwait. He highlighted the need to provide essential food items while maintaining their quality and safety.

According to Q8-Press, this statement came during a joint inspection tour of the food security warehouses at Abdullah Port. The Ministers of State for Municipal Affairs, Electricity, Water and Renewable Energy, and Commerce and Industry participated in the tour.

Joint efforts for food security and safety

The ministers affirmed their commitment to raising the level of food security and safety in Kuwait. This joint inspection tour reflects the effective cooperation between different ministries to ensure a steady supply of essential food items.

Minister Al-Omar stated that achieving food security and providing high-quality essential goods is a top priority for the Ministry of Commerce.

The Ministry of Commerce is implementing strict measures to ensure that all imported goods meet health and safety standards. This focus on quality aims to protect the well-being and public health of Kuwaiti citizens and residents.

Ensuring safety and security of goods at the ports

The Acting Director-General of the Public Fire Force, Major General Khalid Fahd, accompanied the ministers during the inspection tour.

He emphasized the Fire Force’s commitment to upholding safety and security standards at the Kuwait Ports Authority. This includes ensuring proper storage of goods according to the highest government regulations.

Major General Khalid Fahd reiterated everyone’s commitment to providing a safe environment for employees and visitors at the Kuwait Ports Authority and all vital areas in Kuwait. He also highlighted the importance of maintaining the highest standards of security and safety for the country’s infrastructure.

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