Migraines lead to a decline in productivity: Dr Al-Hashel

President of the Kuwait Neurological Association, Professor of Neurology, Dr. Jassim Al-Hashel, said, “Migraine is one of the most common diseases that affect the nervous system, and it leads to a decline in the productivity of individuals and institutions, and the decline in economic growth it causes, with the incidence rate in Kuwait reaching 23 percent.

“This imposes an urgent need to educate doctors and trainees in the field of neurology and family medicine,” the Al-Rai daily quoted Dr Al-Hashel as saying.

The Kuwait Headache and Migraine Conference hosted Professor Simona Sacco, the researcher and drafter of headache science legislation and laws.

Al-Hashel added, “The growth of technology and the increasing incorrect use of smartphones and computer screens have caused migraine headaches, coinciding with the wrong way of eating and the extensive use of electronic devices, in addition to many problems, as well as fast food restaurants.”

Regarding the government role and private institutions in reducing the incidence of headaches, he said, “Migraine is considered a common disease, as the number of those affected in Kuwait has reached 23 percent of society. It is also considered the most common type of disease, as it is accompanied by nausea and sensitivity to light, and many women suffer from severe symptoms during certain periods,” noting that “awareness must be greatly enhanced regarding migraines, especially since they greatly limit the performance of vital functions.”

Regarding the role of institutions within the framework of their social responsibility towards their employees, he said that we, as the Kuwait Neurological Association, always try to spread awareness, as there are many major companies, such as the Kuwait Petroleum Company and Gulf Insurance, which have allocated an awareness day for employees to learn about the nature of migraines, their symptoms, and preventive methods to reduce exposure to its repercussions and avoiding its triggers and educating doctors, whether family doctors, who are considered the first line of defense because they know the patients well.

Parents must also be educated, especially in light of the increasing number of children suffering from migraines who do not know, as we found that diagnosing a child with migraines may take years. This is why we say that early diagnosis is vital, especially since headaches lead to a decline in the child’s academic productivity.

In the end, the diagnosis must be correct, treatment must be carried out at the time of the attack, and adherence to preventive treatment, whether with pills, needles, or Botox injections, because science has developed, and treatment varies from person to person, but it begins with the patient himself, so one must stay away from triggers, adhere to a specific time for sleep, and reduce caffeine intake. Drinking water in sufficient quantities is the most important treatment method for reducing headache attacks.

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