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AUM a major sponsor of the 6th Children’s Science Fair

The American University of the Middle East (AUM) participated as a main sponsor in the sixth children’s science exhibition, organized by the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research, and held at the Capital Mall over three days from November 16 to 18.

The exhibition kicked off with a speech delivered by the Director of the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research, Dr. Manea Al-Sudairawi. This was followed by a call to honor the sponsors.

The exhibition was then declared open by Dr. Al-Sedirawi and Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of Human Soft Holding Company, Tariq Al-Othman, after which a tour of the exhibition began.

This exhibition, which is organized annually, aims to attract and target the age group between 6 and 12 years, which is the stage in which a child’s scientific interests are formed and his passion for knowledge and discovering things appears.

This year, more than 2,000 children participated, including students from various Kuwaiti schools, who experimented with 21 sets of simplified scientific experiments, in an easy manner that suits their abilities and age, and in the presence of 37 researchers and technicians from the institute to provide them with scientific and technical information.

It is worth noting that AUM annually holds a special exhibition on its campus, in which various groups from the faculties of engineering and technology participate, with the aim of displaying their most prominent projects and creativity that reflect their knowledge, competence and special artistic skills acquired during their study journey. In addition to reflecting the university’s vision, which seeks to invest in empowering young minds, providing them with scientific knowledge, building their personalities and developing their technical skills.


The university campus includes a group of scientific centers that enhance the knowledge and academic experiences of students in their colleges, giving them the practical experiences necessary to achieve excellence and distinction in the labor market, such as the Robotics Center, the Artificial Intelligence Center, and a Center for Graduation Projects for students of the College of Engineering and Technology and a laboratory for nanotechnology.

The University’s College of Engineering and Technology also includes six distinct clubs: the Robotics Club, the Artificial Minds Club, the Future Builders Club, the Green Energy Club, the Instrument Master Club, and the Inventors Club.

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