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LOYAC celebrates success of ‘Be-Tenio’ program

The LOYAC Foundation recently concluded the second edition of its “Be-Tenio” program for social entrepreneurship with a ceremony held at the Four Points Hotel. Supported by Zain, Agility, and Wajha Arts Center, the program aims to empower young men and women to turn their innovative ideas into tangible projects that benefit society.

Fattouh Al-Dalali, a board member of LOYAC, expressed gratitude for the dedication of participants and emphasized the program’s commitment to providing them with the necessary expertise to succeed. She highlighted the applied aspect of the program, developed in collaboration with Babson College, focusing on producing high-quality results, reports Al-Jarida daily.

Al-Dalali praised the program’s partners, particularly Zain and Agility, for their unwavering support, along with the Wajha Arts Center, which hosted the program. She emphasized the societal benefits of the program, which align with the current era’s focus on entrepreneurship.

Walid Al-Khashti, Chief Relations and Corporate Affairs Officer of Zain Kuwait, commended the winning students and stressed the importance of empowering youth to pursue their entrepreneurial aspirations. He reiterated Zain’s commitment to supporting programs like “Be-Tenio” to advance the national economy.

Hanadi Al-Saleh, Chairwoman of Agility’s Board, highlighted the program’s potential to inspire positive change in Kuwaiti society and affirmed Agility’s commitment to education and capacity-building initiatives. She underscored the importance of providing young people with the skills they need to succeed.

Maryam Al-Muhareb, Founder and Executive Director of the Destination Center, expressed her organization’s honor in collaborating with LOYAC on the “Be-Tenio” program. She emphasized the importance of empowering youth through arts and entrepreneurship and expressed eagerness for future cooperation.

Overall, the conclusion of the “Be-Tenio” program marks a significant milestone in the empowerment of young entrepreneurs and reflects the commitment of various organizations to support their endeavors.

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