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Kuwaiti mosques primed for sacred ten nights of Ramadan

The preparations across the mosques, especially the Grand State Mosque, are made in reverence for the last ten blessed nights and in pursuit of Laylat al-Qadr, which is better than a thousand months.

  • Bilal bin Rabah Mosque sets prayer schedule for last ten days of holy month at eleven o’clock

  • Al-Rashid Mosque accommodates 10,000 worshippers, Saad bin Abi Waqqas Mosque hosts 5,000, and others have similar capacities.”

  • The administration is utilizing all available resources to serve worshippers for the last ten days of Ramadan

Various mosques in Kuwait, especially the Grand State Mosque, have made extensive preparations to observe the ten blessed nights of Ramadan, commencing this Friday evening at the Grand State Mosque. These preparations are made in reverence of these blessed nights and in the pursuit of Laylat al-Qadr, which is better than a thousand months.

Abdul Hamid Al-Mutairi, the General Supervisor of Ramadan Centers and Director of the Capital Governorate Mosques Administration, confirmed in statements to Al-Anbaa newspaper that the Capital Governorate Mosques Administration has made all preparations to receive the last ten days in its mosques and five Ramadan centers spread throughout all areas of the Capital Governorate.

He elaborated on how the administration conducted meetings with the Ramadan teams to prepare for the last ten days, utilizing all available resources to serve worshippers and ensure they experience a spiritual and faith-based atmosphere befitting these holy days.

He further explained the special specifications for the Ramadan centers, highlighting the provision of comprehensive services to worshippers, such as selecting reciters and lecturers, as well as offering hospitality services.

Al-Mutairi pointed out that the internal and external capacity of Al-Rashid Mosque is 10,000 worshippers, while the capacity of Saad bin Abi Waqqas Mosque is 5,000, and similarly for other Ramadan centers.

Al-Mutairi explained that preparations in the Ramadan centers are in full swing, particularly as they are part of a series of measures aimed at providing care and comfort for the worshippers.

He pointed out that they have provided water, juice, and hot drinks, equipped the prayer rooms, and are also providing meals for breakfast and suhoor for those in retreat.

The administration’s director mentioned that they had contacted the Ministry of Health to ensure medical emergency teams and supplies are available for providing first aid to worshippers in case of emergencies. They also collaborated with the Ministry of Interior, specifically the Public Security and General Traffic Department, to organize traffic around Ramadan centers and to ensure public security.

Additionally, the General Fire Department’s presence was noted, and the administration arranged for male and female cleaning workers to be distributed to mosques and outdoor prayer halls for women, providing service and hospitality work. They also supplied additional cleaning materials for mosques and outdoor prayer halls throughout the holy month.

Bilal bin Rabah Mosque has announced the prayer schedule for the last ten days of the holy month, set for eleven o’clock. As part of its annual tradition, the mosque is dedicated to inviting top reciters renowned for their clear voices that evoke tranquility and reverence in the soul.

Due to the influx of thousands of citizens and residents to the mosque for evening, Taraweeh prayers, Bilal bin Rabah Mosque is keen on setting up Ramadan tents to enhance the spiritual atmosphere in the area.

Additionally, the mosque is providing organization and assistance services to worshippers in the mosque, its attached halls, and a prayer hall for women. They are also offering parking spaces prepared to accommodate a large number of cars, along with a fleet of “golf” cars to transport worshippers from the parking lots to the mosque.

Illuminated guidance signs are in place to facilitate smooth entry and exit, especially for the elderly and people with disabilities, along with other services tailored to their needs.

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