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Iftar in the Region: A Culinary Journey through Ramadan

By Hermoine Macura-Noble
Special to The Times Kuwait

As the sun sets and the call to prayer echoes through the air, the streets of the Gulf region come alive with the spirit of Ramadan. The holy month is not only a time for spiritual reflection and devotion but also a celebration of community, family, and gastronomic delights. From traditional dishes to contemporary culinary creations, the Gulf region offers diverse iftar experiences.

Below are some of the top places for Iftar that promise to tantalize your taste buds and nourish your soul.

Al Majlis, Dubai, UAE: Nestled within the iconic Madinat Jumeirah, Al Majlis offers a lavish iftar buffet featuring traditional Emirati delicacies and international favorites against stunning Arabic architecture.

Bait Al Othman, Kuwait: In Kuwait City, Bait Al Outhman offers a traditional Kuwaiti iftar experience in a charming heritage setting. Guests can enjoy authentic Kuwaiti dishes such as machboos, harees, and gabout.

Al Bindaira Café, Kuwait: Known for its authentic Kuwaiti cuisine, Al Bindaira Café serves a delectable iftar menu showcasing traditional dishes such as machboos and harees.

Majlis Al Safinah, Doha, Qatar: Located at The St. Regis Doha, Majlis Al Safinah offers a refined iftar experience with live cooking stations, Arabic sweets, and panoramic views of the Arabian Gulf.

Al Areen Palace & Spa, Bahrain: Indulge in a royal iftar experience at Al Areen Palace & Spa, where guests can feast on an array of Middle Eastern specialties amidst the serene surroundings of this luxury resort.

Le Gourmet, Galleries Lafayette, Dubai: Visitors can expect a delightful array of dishes starting with lentil soup, fattoush salad, hummus with homemade Arabic bread, moutabel, crispy cheese rolls, and freshly made fatayer. The mains are delightful, offering a vibrant variety of tasty favorites like classic butter chicken, juicy tandoori chicken, and Indian spiced roasted lamb with quinoa. The little ones will have endless fun at Treasure Island, the much-loved dedicated area where they can let their imagination fly. At the same time, you enjoy a delicious meal or indulge in some retail therapy before Iftar. Dine, shop, and keep the kids entertained in one place.

Kaspia, Dubai: This is the place where French dining meets Russian inspiration. Enjoy Iftar with the finest Caviar, smoked fish, and other luxury seafood. Open for lunch and Iftar, the restaurant’s interior and terraces are inviting and intimate, with classic elements blending with modern aesthetics. Kaspia has captured the romance and glamour of Caviar while combining it with the highest level of demand and quality to offer moments of exception.

Asateer Tent, Dubai, UAE: Set against the backdrop of Atlantis, The Palm, Asateer Tent offers a vibrant iftar experience complete with live entertainment, traditional Ramadan beverages, and an extensive buffet featuring local and international cuisines.

Al-Nakheel Restaurant, Muscat, Oman: Nestled within the luxurious Al Bustan Palace, Al-Nakheel Restaurant enchants guests with its iftar offerings, which include Omani specialties infused with flavors from across the region.

Al Husn, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia: Experience the art of Arabian hospitality at Al Husn, where Iftar is served in an enchanting setting complemented by traditional Saudi dishes and live music performances.

Al Sayyad Restaurant, Manama, Bahrain: With its breathtaking views of the Arabian Gulf, Al Sayyad Restaurant offers a seafood-centric iftar menu featuring freshly caught fish, grilled prawns, and other coastal delights.

The Courtyard, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia: Located at The Ritz-Carlton, Jeddah, The Courtyard invites guests to savor an iftar buffet showcasing a fusion of Arabian and international flavors amidst lush greenery and serene water features.

Al Noukhaza Seafood Restaurant, Kuwait: For seafood lovers, Al Noukhaza Seafood Restaurant in Salmiya offers an iftar experience centered around fresh seafood specialties, including grilled fish, prawns, and lobster, served in a casual and welcoming atmosphere.

Bait Al Bahr, Abu Dhabi, UAE: Situated on the shores of Abu Dhabi, Bait Al Bahr offers an iftar experience like no other, with a menu highlighting Emirati seafood specialties served in a picturesque beachfront setting.

Al-Sanbok Restaurant, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia: Renowned for its fresh seafood, Al-Sanbok Restaurant presents an iftar menu that celebrates the rich culinary heritage of the Red Sea region, with an emphasis on grilled fish and traditional Saudi dishes.

Al Sultan Brahim, Doha, Qatar: Delight your palate with the flavors of Lebanon at Al Sultan Brahim, where Iftar is a feast for the senses featuring an array of mezzes, grilled meats, and decadent desserts.

Al Iwan, Dubai, UAE: Located at the iconic Burj Al Arab, Al Iwan offers an iftar experience fit for royalty. A lavish spread of Arabic delicacies is served in a setting of unparalleled luxury and elegance.

Al Matbakh, Manama, Bahrain: Step into Al Matbakh and embark on a culinary journey through Bahraini cuisine, with an iftar menu highlighting local specialties such as machboos, qoozi, and halwa.

Al Orjouan Restaurant, Muscat, Oman: Nestled within The Chedi Muscat, Al Orjouan Restaurant beckons guests with its iftar offerings, which include a blend of Omani flavors and international influences served in a chic setting.

Ramadan Tent at Four Seasons Hotel, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia: Experience the essence of Arabian hospitality at the Ramadan Tent, where Iftar is served amidst lush gardens and traditional Arabian décor, with a menu featuring regional specialties and international cuisine.

L’Atelier Robuchon

L’Atelier Robuchon, Dubai, UAE: This iconic French import invites guests to embark on an extraordinary culinary journey with its specially curated Iftar menu. Nestled in the heart of DIFC, the Ramadan offering remains true to Robuchon’s gastronomic ethos of unparalleled finesse and taste, featuring a sensational symphony of flavors and dishes, such as Le Risotto au Safran as a starter, Le Saumon, marinated in oriental spices for the main course, and Le Souffle Pistache to finish this delectable Ramadan experience with.

Awtar, Doha, Qatar: Revel in the festive atmosphere of Ramadan at Awtar, where guests can indulge in an iftar buffet featuring an array of Middle Eastern specialties, live cooking stations, and traditional Ramadan beverages.

Shabestan, Muscat, Oman: Delight in the flavors of Persia at Shabestan, where Iftar is a culinary journey through Iranian cuisine, emphasizing aromatic rice dishes, kebabs, and savory stews.

Leila Restaurant, Kuwait: Located at The Avenues Mall, Leila Restaurant offers an iftar experience that transports guests to the heart of Lebanon with its authentic flavors and warm hospitality. It features a selection of mezzes, grilled meats, and traditional sweets.

Al Khaimah Tent, Manama, Bahrain: Immerse yourself in Bahraini hospitality at the Al Khaimah Tent, where Iftar is served in a traditional Arabian setting complete with live music, henna artists, and an array of authentic Bahraini dishes.

By Hermoine Macura-Noble The first Australian English speaking News Anchor in the Middle East. She is also the Author of Faces of the Middle East and Founder of US-based 501c3 charity – The House of Rest which helps to ease the suffering of victims of war. For more from our Contributing Editor, you can follow her on Instagram, here.By Hermoine Macura-Noble
The first Australian English speaking News Anchor in the Middle East. She is also the Author of Faces of the Middle East and Founder of US-based 501c3 charity – The House of Rest which helps to ease the suffering of victims of war. For more from our Contributing Editor, you can follow her on Instagram, here.


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