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Kuwait set to redefine broadcasts via radio waves with ‘51’ platform launch

The ‘51’ platform – a broadcast service for visual and audio content – provides content via radio waves, reaching beyond geographical limits to deliver content through smart and digital devices, accessible online worldwide.

  • The ‘51’ platform launches officially on May 12, marking the anniversary of Kuwaiti Radio’s launch in 1951, symbolizing its founding year

  • The platform offers exclusive productions, live HD broadcasts of Kuwait TV channels, live radio broadcasts, and a video-on-demand service.

Assistant Undersecretary of the Ministry of Information for the Media Services Sector and New Media, as well as Chairman of the Coordination Committee for the Ministry’s Digital Media Platform, Saad Al-Azmi, confirmed that the ‘51’ platform is a broadcast service for visual and audio content that transcends traditional models. It provides content via radio waves, reaching beyond geographical limits to deliver content through smart and digital devices, accessible online worldwide.

In a statement to KUNA, Al-Azmi stated that the platform, named the ‘51’ platform, which the ministry is preparing to launch on May 12, aligns with modern media technologies. It aims to provide a suitable option for Kuwaiti families, following the ministry’s guidelines, by allowing them to participate simply through their preferred subscription-based service login credentials.

He added that the official launch of the ‘51’ platform, which will be launched by the Ministry of Information in cooperation with the “Fast Communications” Company, was chosen for May 12, coinciding with the anniversary of Kuwaiti Radio’s launch on May 12, 1951. The name ‘51’ was chosen to symbolize the year in which Kuwaiti Radio was launched.

He pointed out that the platform is distinguished by offering exclusive productions, along with a live broadcast service for television channels from the Kuwait TV package in HD quality. Additionally, it will provide live broadcasts of radio stations in the State of Kuwait, along with a video-on-demand (VOD) service.

He stated that the company operating the platform can showcase films, series, and various sports leagues in accordance with regulatory frameworks set by the Ministry of Information.

Additionally, viewers will have the service of listening to and downloading archived and new radio programs. Direct communication will be established between the Ministry of Information and viewers to receive their comments and evaluate them directly.

In this regard, Al-Azmi stressed that the archives of Kuwait TV and Radio are rich in interviews and programs, encompassing artistic, political, and social content. Additionally, the platform will feature series produced by the Ministry of Information, which have had a significant impact on shaping the Gulf personality and radio works. This includes exclusive interviews and recordings that will be showcased on the platform.

He stated that the world has undoubtedly transitioned into a digital realm, including media, thanks to significant technological advancements. We are currently in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and it’s imperative to keep up with this technological progress.

The idea of launching the platform emerged under the guidance and support of Minister of Information and Culture, Abdul Rahman Al-Mutairi, and the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Information, Dr. Nasser Muhaisen, to create a digital platform for TV channels, radio stations, and electronic content for the Ministry of Information.

He stressed that everything displayed on the platform will adhere to the standards and regulations applied in Kuwait Radio and Television, including the content of advertisements. These standards are in line with commercial advertising regulations as per ministerial decisions regarding regulations for television, radio, and publication advertisements (Nos. 991, 992, and 993 of 2022) in the Ministry of Information.

He mentioned that platform subscriptions will offer both free and paid options, to be discussed with “Fast Communications.” The bidding process allows the company to include sports periodicals, films, and series on the platform, following Ministry of Information’s standards and regulations.

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