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‘2024 Nation’ elections: Candidates appeal removal from electoral race

Former Fifth District representatives and candidates Marzouq Al-Habini, Dr. Ahmed bin Mutee, and Jaber Al-Muhailbi disclosed that the elections administration notified them of their disqualification.

The Elections Affairs Department, under the Ministry of Interior, notified several candidates on Saturday of their disqualification and exclusion from the upcoming ‘2024 Nation’ elections scheduled for April 4.

Additionally, former representatives and candidates from the Fifth District, Marzouq Al-Habini, Dr. Ahmed bin Mutee, and Jaber Al-Muhailbi, revealed that they were notified by the elections administration about their disqualification.

Al-Habini stated, “Yesterday, we lodged an appeal with the Administrative Court challenging the decision to exclude us from the 2024 elections candidate list, issued by the Ministry of Interior. A hearing for the case has been scheduled for Monday, the 18th of this month, and we are confident in the fairness of the Kuwaiti judiciary to restore our candidacy in the electoral race.”

Dr. Ahmed Mutee added, “Yesterday, I also appealed to the Administrative Court against my disqualification from the candidate list. The hearing for the case is scheduled for today, Monday.”

“We are all confident in the Almighty God and, thereafter, in our fair and impartial judiciary. We are carrying on with our electoral campaign. We pray for success and guidance.”

Former MP and candidate for the fourth district, Marzouq Al-Khalifa, stated, “Our electoral campaign will continue, God willing. The Ramadan Ghabga is scheduled for tomorrow, and we trust that the decision made by the Ministry of Interior will be overturned in the judicial arena, which we rely on as our sanctuary against the injustices we face. I pray for the people of Kuwait to join us in the Ghabqa. We will stand firm and speak the truth against any attempts to intimidate us using nationality as a weapon, whether inside or outside the Council.”

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