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Kuwait MPs prioritize cost of living in upcoming parliament session

As the first coordination meeting for newly elected MPs approaches, set to take place at the Parliament Building, key priorities have emerged, including addressing the rising cost of living, enhancing the Hasan Loan program, and amending the Persons with Disabilities Law.

MP Saleh Ashour, Speaker of the inaugural session of the 18th legislative term, affirmed his commitment to upholding Article 87 of the Constitution and convening the inaugural session as per constitutional deadlines. This comes following MP Ahmed Al-Saadoun’s announcement of his intention to run for the Speakership of the National Assembly.

MP Fahd Al-Masoud revealed receiving an invitation from MP Saud Al-Asfour to attend the coordination meeting, which aims to establish priorities for the upcoming legislative term, similar to the previous term. He anticipates further meetings to follow, given the time available until the official opening of the legislative session, scheduled by His Highness the Amir for May 14th.

Al-Masoud emphasized that laws aimed at improving citizens’ livelihoods will top the agenda of the first session, including increases to the cost of living allowance and the Hasan Loan, in addition to amending the Persons with Disabilities Law, which was returned by the government in the previous legislative term. He stressed the need to expedite the approval of an alternative strategy, whether through a decision or a law.

Other key legislative priorities include the Northern Economic Zone, residency for foreigners, and education development. Al-Masoud clarified that the meeting will not discuss the positions of the Council Bureau and will solely focus on coordinating priorities.

MP Hani Shams confirmed receiving an invitation from MP Saud Al-Asfour to attend today’s coordination meeting. He stated that the meeting will discuss the constitutional and legal aspects of attending the inaugural session on the 17th of this month, the constitutional date, seeking the advice of experts in this regard, especially after the issuance of a decree postponing the inaugural session, and the absence of His Highness and the government from the session scheduled for next Wednesday.

Shams added that this meeting will not discuss the positions of the Council Bureau and will be dedicated to parliamentary coordination to arrange the priorities for the first legislative session, which will be short and its legislative map, as well as coordination for the next session, in addition to coordination on the membership of parliamentary committees. He noted that he will initially nominate himself for membership in the Health Committee.

As of the time of publication, only two MPs have nominated themselves for the Speakership of the National Assembly: Ahmed Al-Saadoun and Fahd Bin Jamma’. Five MPs have expressed their desire to run for the position of Deputy Speaker. According to sources, MP Osama Al-Zaid intends to run for the position of Secretary-General, and MP Khalid Al-Tammar for the position of Observer.

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