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Scattered showers expected Monday and Tuesday

Weather expert Essa Ramadan has predicted partially cloudy to cloudy skies for Kuwait over the next few days, marking the start of the ‘Sarayat’ season. Scattered showers are expected during the night on Monday, accompanied by light to moderate southeasterly winds. The likelihood of rain will increase on Tuesday, with the possibility of thunderstorms.

Ramadan explained that the weather will stabilize on Wednesday with a rise in maximum temperatures, which could reach near 40 degrees Celsius by the end of the week due to the influence of ‘Sahali’ winds, which are southwesterly winds originating from the dry desert.

Ramadan urged beachgoers and park visitors to exercise caution due to the possibility of sudden high waves during the ‘Sarayat’ season.

‘Sarayat’ is a weather phenomenon that occurs in Kuwait and the region from mid-April to sometimes mid-May. During this period, cumulonimbus clouds, which typically form in the afternoon or after dawn, become more frequent. These clouds form locally during the transitional period at the end of spring, when the upper layers of the atmosphere are cold and the surface layers are warm and humid, creating conditions favorable for the formation of local ‘Mazen’ clouds.

These clouds rise with warm, moist winds and encounter cold winds, causing them to condense rapidly and potentially produce rain, hail, and strong winds. The entire lifecycle of these clouds, from formation to maturity and dissipation, typically takes between 25 and 45 minutes.

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