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Kuwait gears up for Wednesday’s downpour

Gradual improvement begins as rainy conditions strengthen from Wednesday to Friday. “Fifth” and “sixth” bottlenecks exacerbate traffic congestion.

Government agencies have effectively managed the moderate rainfall, resulting in minimal water pooling in certain streets and traffic congestion on select highways. These efforts served as a preparatory rehearsal for the anticipated heavier rainfall on Wednesday, expected to persist until noon next Friday.

Amidst intermittent traffic congestion, particularly during peak hours, the rainfalls impact remained relatively minimal, except for localized water pooling in certain areas.

Dr Noura Al-Mashaan, Minister of Public Works and Minister of State for Municipal Affairs, actively supervised the Ministry of Works preparations for the anticipated rain, deploying emergency teams strategically to monitor and address any potential water accumulation in critical locations.

The official spokesman for the Works, Ahmed Al-Saleh, stated that the ministry’s teams collaborated with the General Directorate of Traffic to facilitate the movement of vehicles on all roads, including tunnels. He clarified that the rainfall was limited and did not result in road closures or flooding in the areas.

The main roads experienced traffic congestion due to the rainy conditions, particularly on the Sixth Ring Road in both directions, particularly in front of Jaber Stadium, and the Fifth Ring Road opposite Bayan Palace. During this time, the Ministry of Interior announced that it recorded 12 traffic accidents due to rain before noon yesterday.

In yesterday’s early hours, the country experienced a wave of moderate rain, resulting in isolated instances of flooding and water pooling in certain streets, as well as traffic congestion on several highways. Government agencies promptly mobilized and effectively managed the situation to mitigate the impact of the rainfall.

While meteorologists anticipated gradual improvement to commence this morning, they also forecasted that the country would experience intensified rainfall from next Wednesday evening, persisting until noon next Friday.

Director of the Meteorological Department, AbdulazizAl-Qarawi, affirmed that the nation remains under the influence of the rainy conditions, which commenced yesterday dawn and extended until midnight, reaching its peak from noon until the early hours of the night.

Al-Qarawi stated that in this scenario, low and medium clouds persist, interspersed with cumulus clouds accompanied by scattered rain and occasional thunderstorms of varying intensity, ranging from light to moderate.

He further explained that these rains may become heavy in certain areas, with chances of hail and wind activity exceeding 55 kilometers per hour. This could result in dust during the precipitation period, leading to reduced horizontal visibility and causing sea waves to rise above 6 feet, with potential fog formation in some areas, particularly inland.

He elaborated that gradual improvement begins this morning, as clouds dissipate and the likelihood of rain diminishes due to an increase in atmospheric pressure. However, the continued potential for fog formation at night may result in reduced horizontal visibility in some areas.

Operating room

In anticipation of the rain wave, Minister of Public Works and Minister of State for Municipal Affairs, Dr Noura Al-Mashaan, was present on Sunday evening in the operations room to stay informed about the latest weather developments and the ministry’s preparedness efforts.

The official spokesman for the Ministry of Works, EngAhmed Al-Saleh, stated that the ministry, along with its relevant authorities and emergency teams, closely monitored the weather conditions in the country. Teams were deployed to critical locations, and field inspections were conducted in residential areas to monitor any accumulation of rainwater.

Al-Saleh advised motorists to be careful when driving on the roads during the rainy situation, and to abide by the requirements of the Ministry of Interior and not to pay attention to unofficial sources and follow up the rainy situation through the Meteorological Department of Civil Aviation, praying to God Almighty that the rains will be good for Kuwait.

Al-Saleh emphasized the importance of addressing all complaints received by the Ministry of Works, especially those related to the rainy conditions. He highlighted the ministry’s collaboration with the General Directorate of Traffic to facilitate smooth traffic flow on all roads in Kuwait, including tunnels. He also noted that there have been no reports of rainwater accumulation thus far.

He highlighted that rainfall rates in the country are moderate and emphasized the readiness of emergency teams across various regions of Kuwait to address any instances of water pooling. Additionally, main roads in Kuwait experienced traffic congestion due to the ongoing rainy conditions.

Security sources informed Al-Jarida newspaper that the General Directorate of Traffic deployed traffic patrols to manage traffic flow on all roads, with particular attention to the Sixth Ring Road, where traffic density was high in both directions, especially near Jaber Al-Ahmad International Stadium.

The Shaan during the inspection of the operating room.

He pointed out that the rainfall rates in the country are moderate, emphasizing the preparations of emergency teams in various regions of Kuwait to address any water pooling.

Additionally, the main roads in Kuwait experienced traffic jams due to the rainy conditions the country is facing. Security sources informed the newspaper that “the General Directorate of Traffic has deployed traffic patrols to regulate traffic on all roads,” noting that the Sixth Ring Road witnessed high traffic density in both directions, especially in front of Jaber Al-Ahmad International Stadium.

She added that the Fifth Ring Road, opposite Bayan Palace, also experienced suffocating traffic congestion, with an intensive presence of patrols on the roads in anticipation of the rainy conditions, to ensure the flow of traffic with minor congestion on most roads.

Emergency response

On his part, Colonel Mohammed Al-Gharib, Director of the Public Relations and Media Department of the General Fire Force, stated that the Operations Department of the Fire Force is in constant coordination with the meteorological department regarding the rainy conditions affecting the country.

The Fire Department stated in a press release that Farwaniya Governorate was the most affected by the rain, as reported by the Meteorological Department.

Meanwhile, the Kuwait Municipality announced that its teams are cleaning various internal and main roads in collaboration with Ashghal to prevent the accumulation of rainwater.

Ministry of Health activates emergency plan, urges staying home

Informed health sources revealed that the Ministry of Health has escalated its preparedness to deal with the ongoing wave of rains in the country.

According to sources speaking to Al-Jarida newspaper, all emergency and accident departments in hospitals, as well as emergency medical personnel, are on standby. The Ministry of Health has activated its emergency plan to address the rain wave, and communication with various state institutions regarding this matter is ongoing.

The sources urged citizens and residents to call emergency numbers if they experience any symptoms and emphasized staying at home during the rain wave to safeguard everyone’s health and safety. They stressed the importance of patients having necessary treatments, like bronchodilators for asthma, to manage weather-related illnesses.

Closing the ‘Makshat‘: Options of rescheduling or cashback offered

The Ministry of Social Affairs announced the closure of the “Makshat” on Sunday due to the rainy conditions in the country. The ministry stated that individuals who wish to reschedule their reservation date or request a refund can do so through the website or by contacting the Ministry of Affairs.

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