Iranian envoy commends historic ties with Kuwait

Iran's ambassador to Kuwait, Mohammad Totonji, emphasized the pursuit of balanced relations with neighboring countries, highlighting shared interests over differences

Mohammad Totonji, the ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to Kuwait, lauded the historic development of Iranian-Kuwaiti relations, emphasizing Iran’s pragmatic approach to regional geopolitics. He highlighted Iran’s efforts to foster balanced relations with neighboring countries, prioritizing reconciliation and shared religious and cultural ties over differences.

Totonji stressed that Iran-Kuwait relations go beyond official channels, citing familial bonds, intermarriages, and longstanding commercial interactions that have evolved into deep-rooted relations.

This statement was delivered during a reception hosted by the embassy to commemorate the National Day and the 45th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution’s victory. The event was attended by Ambassador Samih Hayat, Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs for Asian Affairs, along with a distinguished gathering of ambassadors and members of the diplomatic community representing various countries in Kuwait.

Tutonji emphasized that the issuance of 100,000 visas to Kuwaiti citizens for tourism and medical purposes in Iran underscores the strong and genuine relations
between the two nations. He noted that after 62 years of diplomatic ties between Iran and Kuwait, there exists a balance in their relations, and efforts are underway to build upon past experiences for further improvement.

The ambassador expressed happiness that this matter is of interest to His Highness the Emir Sheikh Mishal Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah. He wished success and prosperity to the government of His Highness Sheikh Dr Muhammad Al-Sabah, expressing hope that this stage would witness practical initiatives from both sides to strengthen bilateral relations.

With a pertinent remark, Totonji stated that the Islamic Revolution marks a pivotal moment in Iranian history, as it introduced the principles of popular sovereignty, support for the oppressed, and defiance against arrogance, winning acceptance from all segments of Iranian society.

He added that the Iranian Islamic Revolution, by instilling the principle of self-reliance in the minds of the youth and embracing the slogan ‘We are capable,’ achieved remarkable advancements in various fields of science and technology. It has excelled in atomic, nano, aerospace, and medical sciences, thanks to the talents and dedication of its youth.

He states that the Islamic Revolution redefined the role of women, recognizing them as essential contributors to family and society. It provided women with equal opportunities in education and employment, enabling them to excel in various fields such as science, culture, academia, sports, and more.

Currently, women comprise fifty-five percent of university students, 40 percent of doctors, and 33 percent of university professors. There are twenty-one thousand female university professors, and women hold 16 seats in Parliament.

Additionally, women are represented in city and village councils as well as in Iranian embassies abroad. Iranian women have achieved success in international sports competitions and have received numerous national and international awards in cinema and the arts.

He pointed out that the hateful Zionist aggression against Gaza and the killing of hundreds of Palestinian people are considered war crimes. These crimes occur amidst silence and even support from major countries. Following the global popular sympathy witnessed worldwide, there must be international solidarity to stop these hideous massacres.

“I take this opportunity to invite the esteemed ambassadors and members of the diplomatic corps, who may have been influenced by propaganda preventing them from seeing the reality of Iran, to visit our country. Iran is only an hour away from Kuwait, and by visiting, they can explore its unique historical, cultural, and natural sites. As the saying goes, ‘Seeing is believing,’ and experiencing Iran firsthand is invaluable,” added Tutonji.

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