KOC begins pumping oil and gas from Jurassic facility

MEED magazine has reported that the Kuwait Oil Company, in collaboration with Chinese Jirah Engineering Company, has initiated the pumping of oil and gas to the Jurassic Production Facility No. 5, valued at approximately $426 million.

This development marks significant progress in projects aimed at the development of Jurassic reserves in Kuwait.
According to sources closely associated with the project, the introduction of oil and gas commenced on December 25, 2023. The “Jurassic 5” production project is a pivotal element of the Kuwait Oil Company’s strategy to augment production from Jurassic oil and gas reservoirs within the country.

The main contract for Facility 5, valued at $426 million, was awarded to the Chinese company Jirah by the Kuwait Oil Company in December 2021. Simultaneously, Spetco secured a $398 million contract related to the Fourth Jurassic Production Center. Facility 4 is being developed near the Sabriya field north of Kuwait, while Facility 5 is situated less than 10 kilometers east of Facility 1.

Both facilities are designed to test, process, and handle wet and sour hydrocarbon well fluids from various oil and gas fields, including Al-Rawdatain, Al-Sabriyah, Northwest Al-Rawdatain, Umm Naqa, Dhabi, Bahra, Marat, Najma Sargelo, and other formations in the Jurassic fields.

The projects are being implemented as surface and onshore production facilities on a build, own, and operate (BOO) basis by the contractor. The operational and maintenance responsibilities for these facilities will be undertaken by the two companies for a period of five years, with an option for the Kuwait Oil Company to extend the contract later.

Both facilities are planned with a production capacity of 50,000 barrels per day of sweet crude processed to American Petroleum Institute specifications, along with 150 million cubic feet per day of sweet and dried rich gases. They will feature a produced water treatment unit, a sulfur recovery unit, and associated facilities and support systems.

The service implementation phase for each facility is projected to take a total of 780 days, including 720 days for design, engineering, project management, supply, procurement, construction, testing, and mechanical completion. Successful operation, installation, and performance testing must be completed within 60 days from the date of completion of each facility under the terms of the contracts.

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