Indian PM Modi addresses Indian Navy Veterans’ death row issue in Qatar

During the COP28 Summit in Dubai, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi engaged in a crucial discussion with Qatar Emir Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad regarding the death sentence given to eight former Navy personnel. The discussion aimed to address the concerning situation faced by the Indian individuals involved.

An appeal has been formally filed against the verdict, and the higher court in Qatar has accepted the plea. The appeal is being championed by the legal team representing the detained Indian nationals.

According to Arindam Bagchi, spokesperson for the Ministry of External Affairs, there have been two hearings, with the families filing an appeal, and the detainees pursuing a final appeal. While acknowledging the sensitivity of the situation, Bagchi assured continued legal and consular support, pledging to share updates as the matter progresses.

Indian nationals employed by the private company Al Dahra in Qatar were arrested in August of the previous year under allegations of espionage. However, the specific charges against them have not been publicly disclosed by either Qatari authorities or the Indian government.

The recent ruling by the Qatari court, sentencing the eight former Navy personnel to death, has garnered significant shock and concern from the Indian government. India has expressed its commitment to exploring all available legal avenues in order to address this unfortunate situation and ensure justice is served.

Prime Minister Modi’s meeting with the Emir of Qatar focused not only on this pressing matter but also on strengthening the bilateral partnership between India and Qatar. Recognizing the importance of a strong relationship, the leaders explored various avenues to expand cooperation across various sectors, including trade, energy, and investment.

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