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Korean Movie Night 2023: Exploring Unique Korean Stoytelling

The Embassy of the Republic of Korea, in collaboration with the Korean Film Council and Kuwait National Cinema Company, proudly held ‘Korean Movie Night 2023’ at Cinescape, Al-Muhallab Mall, Hawalli, from December 5th to 6th. This event celebrated the ever-increasing interest in Korean culture in Kuwait as well as globally, living up to the rising popularity of K-pop, K-food, the Korean language, and notably, Korean dramas and films.

Ambassador H.E Chung Byung-ha in his opening address, introduced the global appeal of Korean dramas and films, attributing their success to compelling and unique narratives.

He elaborated that these storylines are rooted in the rich history of Korea, echoing the nation’s journey of overcoming challenges and achieving rapid development from being a war-stricken, impoverished country to a developed nation. This history is intricately woven into the storytelling, reflecting the introspection and aspirations of the Korean people.

Highlighting the cultural resonance in Kuwait, Ambassador Chung pointed out the significant presence of Korean dramas on Netflix Kuwait. He noted a remarkable increase from 17 dramas in the weekly top 10 rankings in 2022 to 26 in 2023, signifying a surge in their popularity.

This year’s Korean Movie Night 2023 showcased the Korean movie ‘Concrete Utopia,’ which has drawed public attention by winning Best Director and Best Actor awards at a prestigious Korean film festival this year. ‘Concrete Utopia’ is a work that proves the resilience of the humanity in the face of adversity. Despite being set in an evident disaster and apocalyptic situation, the film includes the paradoxical word ‘Utopia’ in its title and explores themes such as  human nature, coexistence, and hope, resonating deeply with viewers

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