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High School students take aptitude test

A significant number of high school students took the aptitude test at the College of Science at Kuwait University, designated as the official venue by the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Evaluation and Measurement in the midst of stringent protocols and controls implemented by the responsible authorities to ensure strict compliance with approved testing procedures within the university.

An authoritative source from the university informed Al-Rai, that, “These tests are of no lesser significance than examinations at other academic levels.

“Therefore, they are conducted in adherence to controls and standards sanctioned by the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Evaluation and Measurement at the university. Specific periods are allocated for registration and examination,” said the source.

The source emphasized, “Only students who have registered through the official website and possess approved proof of identity (civil card or passport) are permitted to enter the examination hall.”

Furthermore, the source added, “Anyone alleging test leakage must present tangible proof and evidence, as such claims directly challenge the integrity of university professors. The tests are formulated, sanctioned, and printed in accordance with the university’s approved examination regulations. Those making claims of leaked tests need to substantiate their allegations to facilitate appropriate actions.”

Highlighting the strict monitoring procedures in testing halls, the source explained, “The monitoring process adheres strictly to established controls, commencing with the verification of the tested student’s identity and cross-referencing their data with the information recorded on the website. Additionally, the entry of phones and programmable calculators into the testing hall is strictly prohibited.”

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