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Diverse ecosystems of Jahra Reserve attracts attention

Dr. Abdullah Al-Zaidan, Deputy Director General of the Technical Affairs Sector at the Environment Public Authority, has affirmed that the “Jahra Reserve has garnered attention from foreign experts due to its diverse ecosystems, encompassing terrestrial, coastal, sabkha, and freshwater environments.”

Speaking to Al-Rai, Al-Zaidan mentioned that, “In addition to the traditional organisms present in the reserve for many years, new marine organisms have been discovered, such as the pup fish, contributing to the enrichment of biodiversity,” while at the same time emphasizing the ongoing efforts to preserve the reserve and its fungal organisms.

Al-Zaidan highlighted the collaborative efforts involving the British Scientific Center, which conducted studies on water ponds, identified biodiversity, and monitored six types of freshwater beetles.

The Japanese teams were also part of the cooperation, focusing on identifying the reserve’s diet and brine shrimp. He noted that local entities, including the Kuwait University, were part of this collaborative effort.

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