GoMedii plans to expand its footprint in Kuwait

By S. A. H. Rizvi
Bureau Chief
The Times Kuwait
New Delhi

Asia is taking the lead in the flourishing medical tourism sector, with the Medical Tourism Index 2023-24 forecasting a notable revenue upswing in Asian healthcare services, GoMedii, an AI-powered technology platform, has pioneered an innovative ecosystem to optimize the entire patient journey within the healthcare domain.

With robust operations across Africa, India, Thailand, Turkey, Dubai, and now Saudi Arabia, GoMedii is strategically positioned to meet the increasing demand for streamlined healthcare services across borders.

Rohit Singh

As per Rohit Singh, Chairman of GoMedii, the latest ecosystem has been intricately designed with a technology-driven platform to streamline the complete patient journey for Medical Travel. This holistic approach encompasses discovery, treatment planning, the treatment process itself, and post-treatment follow-up, ensuring patients receive an exceptional experience.

Crucially, it grants patients numerous options to travel to their chosen country for medical treatment, whether it is India, Turkey, Thailand, Dubai, or Saudi Arabia.

He highlighted a significant issue within the unorganized medical travel Industry, emphasizing the lack of information and options, along with transparency, and the absence of a single platform offering all necessary services.

Despite these challenges, he noted that the industry has continued to flourish, driven by increasing demand. The current global market is estimated to be approximately USD110 billion, underscoring the resilience and growth potential of the medical travel sector despite existing shortcomings.

Mr.  Singh emphasized that GoMedii’s technology solution, combined with its integration with insurance companies in respective countries and the provision of value-added services such as investigations, travel arrangement, accommodations, forex services, medicines, taxis, and more, will enhance transparency, inspire confidence, and drive competitiveness in the market.

He stressed that the primary beneficiaries will be the patients, who will experience significant cost reductions and have access to multiple hospitals across various countries.

Syed Farman Haider

Syed Farman Haider, Vice President and Head of Overseas Operations, highlighted GoMedii’s extensive presence in African, Far East, and Gulf Nations. He stated, “Currently, the Middle East contributes 30 percent of the global market share in medical value travel.”

Kuwait’s strategic importance in medical travel due to the longstanding partnership between India and Kuwait, viewing both nations as progressive partners. With a large population of expatriates, GoMedii is focusing particularly on Kuwait, aiming to provide tailored solutions for travel to India, Thailand, and neighboring Saudi Arabia, an emerging destination for medical tourism.

Haider stressed the importance of strong collaboration with the hospital industry in various countries to offer genuine, effective, and transparent information regarding treatment, costs, and overall procedures. This comprehensive approach aims to benefit patients traveling from Kuwait by providing them with a reliable and seamless experience under one umbrella.

According to estimates by Niti Aayog of India, the Indian economy has the potential to earn an additional USD9 billion by 2026 from Medical Value Travel (MVT) and Wellness tourism combined. This projection highlights the significant economic opportunity presented by these sectors, reflecting the growing recognition of India as a preferred destination for medical treatment and wellness services among international travelers.

With Saudi Arabia rising as a key destination for medical tourism, GoMedii is currently extending its hospital network within the kingdom, said Mr. Haider.

High level  significant investments in cutting-edge medical facilities, exemplified by institutions like the renowned King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Centre, highlight Saudi Arabia’s dedication to medical advancement and exceptional patient care.

Being close to Kuwait, Saudi Arabia’s prominence in medical tourism provides patients in the region with an appealing option for accessing top-tier healthcare closer to their homes. This trend reflects the growing accessibility of high-quality medical services in the Gulf region, enhancing patient experiences and enriching the healthcare landscape of the area.

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