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Long-standing Poland-Kuwait relationship lauded

Anna Marta Godoj-Ciszkowska, Charge d’Affaires of Poland to Kuwait, affirmed that the two countries have cultivated a robust relationship spanning decades.

Anna Marta Godoj-Ciszkowska, Charge d’Affaires of Poland to Kuwait,  lauded the enduring bond between Poland and Kuwait, affirming that the two countries have cultivated a robust relationship spanning decades.

During her address at a gathering celebrating Poland’s national day, she pondered the historical importance of the Third of May Constitution, a crucial event in Poland’s past, dating back to May 3, 1791. She remarked that the constitution remains a lasting symbol of fundamental ideals like liberty, sovereignty, and unity among nations and societies, influencing the collective identity of the region.

Furthermore, she commemorated Poland’s accession to the European Union on May 1, 2004, alongside nine other countries, including The Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Slovenia, Cyprus, and Malta, noting “Poland’s accession to the European Union is certainly one of the most important events in the recent history of our country. This year we also celebrate the 25th anniversary of Poland’s accession to the North Atlantic Treaty. 25 years ago, Poland, together with the Czech Republic and Hungary joined NATO and they became the first allies’ members from Eastern and Central Europe.”

Meanwhile, the ambassador highlighted the milestone of commemorating the 60th anniversary of diplomatic ties between Poland and Kuwait, underscoring the depth of cooperation and mutual respect shared between the two countries.

She added “It is my great pleasure to announce the opening of a new flight route connecting the vibrant city of Kuwait to the enchanting city of Krakow. Today marks not just the commencement of a flight, but the bridging of cultures, the opening of doors to new opportunities, and the strengthening of ties between two remarkable destinations.”

The ambassador highlighted the collaborative efforts between Poland and Kuwait, particularly noting the joint archaeological mission in the Subiya Desert and FailakaIsland, which has been ongoing for nearly two decades, yielding significant discoveries and fostering cultural exchange.

She expressed pride in facilitating a training program for Kuwaiti Coast Guard and Navy cadets in Poland, further enhancing bilateral ties through knowledge sharing and capacity building, conveying optimism about the future prospects of Poland-Kuwait relations, emphasizing the importance of continued collaboration across various sectors for mutual benefit and growth.

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