GIS students interact with career counsellors

Senior students from Gulf Indian School interacted with experienced career counselors from reputed Indian universities at the school auditorium last week as part of understanding their career options and their future educational choices.


The educational team was welcomed by Dr. S. Prashant Vasudev, Principal of Gulf Indian School to their campus. He thanked the organizers for their timely presentation to the children who would greatly benefit from the interaction with the career counselors.

The sessions were organized by Indus Group, the pioneer and leading exhibition organizers in India. The event was aimed at providing advice and guidance to students on their future education choices.

The event was attended by experienced career counselors who provided valuable insights to students on career opportunities, industry trends, and job market demands. The counselors also gave guidance on which courses and degrees would be most beneficial for students to pursue in order to achieve their career goals.

During the meet, the students were encouraged to ask questions and share their concerns with the counselors. The counselors provided personalized advice based on each student’s interests and aspirations. They also highlighted the importance of gaining practical experience and building a strong network in the industry.

Speaking about the event, a spokesperson for Indus Group said, “We are committed to providing students with the right guidance to help them make informed decisions about their future. The career counseling and interaction meet is just one of the many initiatives we take to support the Indian education system.”

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