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GDT’s traffic campaigns drive major results

The General Directorate of Traffic records as many as 23,122 traffic violations from January 20-26.

In its relentless pursuit of easing traffic congestion nationwide, the General Directorate of Traffic (GDT) witnessed substantial achievements stemming from its recent nationwide traffic campaigns held from January 20-26.

Under several campaigns, the GDT referred 27 juveniles to the Juvenile Prosecution for traffic violations during the period and recorded 23,122 traffic violations.

The authority also detained three individuals on suspicion of drug use and referred them to the General Directorate of Drug Control.

The GDT said that it apprehended 38 individuals with an abnormal behavior and three more individuals without revealing their identity.

The authority, a statement, revealed that it apprehended four individuals lacking valid residency permits and promptly reported 67 vehicles to the relevant authorities for necessary action.

Additionally, it swiftly responded to a staggering 2,112 traffic accident reports, highlighting its unwavering commitment to public safety. Among these incidents, 945 were categorised as minor, while 240 resulted in injuries.

The GDT further said it remains committed to enhancing road safety and continuing its traffic campaigns throughout the governorates.

The authority has proactively deployed vigilant patrols at key intersections, as well as primary and secondary roadways throughout the country, with the primary objective of enforcing traffic regulations to minimise accidents.

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