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Five Kuwaitis sentenced to 20 months imprisonment

The Court of Cassation, led by Counselor Saleh Al-Muraishid, has sentenced five Kuwaiti men to 20 months imprisonment with labor, suspending the execution for three years and imposing a bail of 300 dinars.

Additionally, all defendants in the case were fined 500 dinars each. This legal action stems from the “Enough in Uselessness” symposium, resulting in charges against 17 individuals, reports Al-Anba daily.

The Public Prosecution had accused the defendants of engaging in an assembly of more than five people in a public space with the intent to commit a crime — specifically, demonstrating without a permit.

They were charged with disturbing public security by gathering on a public road toward the intersection, resisting police officers in the performance of their duties to maintain security and order.

The defendants persisted in their assembly, and an unspecified number of additional participants, exceeding twenty people, joined a demonstration on the public road.

They walked from the square opposite the National Assembly towards the intersection of Al-Khaleej Street and Al-Shuhada Street without proper authorization.

During this, they verbally insulted the police and made gestures, expressing words and phrases indicated in documents, as the officers were engaged in their duties to prevent the demonstration and disperse the crowd, as detailed in the investigations.

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