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Expat accused of trying to steal 22 excavators worth KD 63,000 dinars

The woman, born in 1974, stands accused of failing to pay the rent and then began dismantling the excavators in an attempt to assert ownership.

Al Ahmadi detectives have been assigned to apprehend an expatriate woman accused of attempting to steal 22 excavators. She had rented the machinery under contracts stipulating a monthly rent exceeding 63,000 Kuwaiti dinars, Q8-Press reported.

According to the details of two cases filed by an expatriate man at the Mina Abdullah Police Station, the first case is numbered 85/2024, and the second case is numbered 86/2024.

In the first case, the plaintiff stated that he had rented 14 excavators to the defendant, an expatriate woman born in 1974, at a rental price of 3,500 Kuwaiti dinars per excavator, totaling 49,000 Kuwaiti dinars per month.

He pointed out that the defendant had not paid the due rent and that when he visited the premises where she was conducting her business, he was surprised to find the excavators being dismantled in an attempt to steal them.

In the second case, the same plaintiff accused the same defendant of entering into a separate rental contract with him for eight excavators at a monthly rent of 1,800 Kuwaiti dinars per excavator, totaling 14,400 Kuwaiti dinars. He was also surprised to discover that the fate of these eight excavators was the same as that of the 14 excavators in the first case.

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