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Council gives nod for Family Court in Granada

The Municipal Council’s Technical Committee has granted approval to the Ministry of Justice’s request for the renewal of the decision to allocate land for the Family Court Building Project in the Capital Governorate in Granada.

Additionally, during a committee meeting, discussions were held on the proposal by some council members concerning the establishment of a sea bridge linking Al-Mutlaa City to Kuwait City along the edge of the Bay.

Dr. Hassan Kamal, the head of the technical committee in the Kuwait Municipality, stated that representatives from the Public Authority for Roads and Land Transport (PART), the Environment Public Authority, the Structural Planning Department in the municipality, and the General Traffic Department were summoned to assess the significance of the proposed sea bridge.

The committee stressed the importance of conducting a thorough traffic study and evaluating the environmental impact, particularly considering the population growth in new housing cities like Al-Mutlaa Residential City, Jaber Al-Ahmad Residential City, and Al-Sabriya.

The committee gave initial approval to the proposal, and it will be presented to the Municipality at its next regular meeting. Dr. Kamal also mentioned that the committee addressed a proposal related to Failaka Island, submitted by its mayor.

A special committee was formed to conduct a study, identify state property on the island, and correspond with the Council of Ministers regarding the proposal. The committee will also determine expropriation rates for private lands on Failaka Island according to legislative and legal controls.

Meanwhile, the Legal and Financial Committee of Al-Baladi decided to retain the proposal submitted by members Saud Al-Kandari and Fahid Al-Muwaizri for reconsidering the naming of certain cities and regions under the Public Authority for Housing Welfare.

The committee also returned the proposal submitted by member M. Munira Al-Amir regarding amendments to advertising regulations to the executive branch for further updates in response to public interest and the preservation of Kuwait’s aesthetic character.

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