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Committee for Promoting Values discuss several issues

Chairman of the Committee for Promoting Values and Addressing Negative Phenomena, MP Muhammad Haif, said that the committee discussed during its meeting yesterday the issue of health clubs and the violations that occur in them.

He added that representatives of the Ministry of Commerce and the Municipality were hosted to respond to the observations, as the need to activate the laws and regulations currently in force was stressed, reports Al-Anba daily.

He explained that the regulations prohibit the operation of the store in a manner that conflicts with the provisions of Sharia, in accordance with fatwas issued by the competent official authorities, or the display and circulation of materials prohibited by Sharia.

He said that the regulations also prohibit the employment of men in women’s beauty salons or the employment of women in barbershops or health or physical institutes for men.

He stated that the committee hosted the Anti-Corruption Commission to discuss the issue of bribery and nepotism, and also hosted the Ministry of Education to discuss the issue of cheating in exams, and “the committee is trying to reduce these phenomena by activating the existing laws or by addressing the gaps in the current laws.”

On the other hand, Rapporteur of the Women, Family and Children Affairs Committee, MP Osama Al-Shaheen, explained that the committee discussed yesterday with representatives of the relevant ministries three files related to the issuance of a certificate proving breastfeeding siblings, a certificate of family embrace, and the executive regulations of the Fund to Support Victims of Domestic Violence.

Al-Shaheen told Al-Anbaa that the government has expressed its willingness to issue a certificate proving siblings through breastfeeding and a certificate of family embrace.

He stressed that representatives from the Ministry of Justice confirmed the imminent issuance of a marriage ID to replace the marriage contract, and the existence of an electronic copy of the cards.

He said that it was agreed to urgently establish a fund that would seriously contribute to the stability of the family and society.

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