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MCI lays down rules and regulations for the sale of fruits and vegetables

Minister of Commerce and Industry and Minister of State for Youth Affairs, Muhammad Al-Aiban, has issued a decision No. 7 of 2024 regarding the sale of vegetables and fruits, prohibiting the splitting of large packages and boxes into small packages and boxes at the Al-Fardha vegetable market in Sulaibiya, Al-Ardiya, Al-Andalus, cooperative societies, stores, and warehouses and any other markets.

The decision will be effective as of next February 1. The second article of the decision prohibits the practice of auctions for small packages and boxes after they are split into large packages and boxes within the markets, and stalls and areas designated for auctions, reports Al-Anba daily.

The ministerial decision also prohibits the sale and marketing display of incomplete, damaged or spoiled vegetables and fruits in all fruit and vegetable markets, in addition to prohibiting the display, sale or marketing of vegetable and fruit products in all Kuwaiti markets unless written on their packaging.

The following data must be clear and prominent:

  • Weight of content
  • Country of origin of the commodity.
  • Company name (supplier or provider).
  • It is prohibited to change the country of origin or the imported commodity for any reason.

The decision calls on all owners of stalls, central markets, and stores that engage in the activity of selling vegetables and fruits to use scales when selling retail to consumers, while prohibiting tampering or using methods or distorting the weight in any way or form.

The decision also prohibits merchants and vegetables and fruits sellers from raising their prices artificially by any means or method, such as storing them, concealing quantities, or publishing incorrect news with the intention of making a profit that is not the result of the reality of supply and demand.

As for retail sale, the commercial decision obligates that the retail price offered for sale should not, under any circumstances, exceed its price when the package or complete box was divided, and the buyer may not be forced to buy specific quantities of it.

The decision also stipulates that the Ministry of Commerce and Industry prepares a fixed form that shows the names of the products, their weights, prices, type of packaging, the price at which the auction ended, and their selling price to the consumer in cooperative societies in their condition when sold or after retail (kilo) on a daily basis for consumers.

The decision allows the sale of imported vegetables and fruits in the condition in which they were imported in packages or boxes of any size or shape, provided that the condition in which they were imported has not changed and that they are not spoiled, adulterated or damaged.

The decision stressed the application of all legal measures against anyone who violates the provisions of this decision, and every provision that opposes it will be repealed.

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